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Skin Disinfectants

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Podopro Skin Disinfectant 500ml Refill

LIMITED STOCK!!! MAX 12 PER ORDER!!! A Chlorhexidine skin preparation for rapid disinfection, providing reassuring protection for personal skin hygiene. Contains: Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution 20% BP 0.5% w/w. Requires pump head for bottle (PODOTOP).

Podopro Podotop

Superb easy-pull action & adjustable nozzle. To fit PodoPro Hard Surface 500ml Spray & Podopro Skin Disinfectant 500ml Spray.

Clinisept+ Antimicrobial Prep & Procedure

Clinisept+ is a fast-acting cleanser and antimicrobial solution that can be used for both pre-procedure and after procedure skin cleaning. Sizes available: 500ml, 250ml and 100ml Aftercare. The 500ml bottle (prep and procedure) doesn't include a pump.

Hospiguard IC Alcohol Hand Gel 60ml & 500ml

Alcohol Cleanser Hand Gel Pump 500ml. (166 hand washes) Alcohol Hand Gel 60ml Handy size. Product contains aloe vera, skin conditioners and moisturisers to provide enhanced skin moisturising and conditioning.

DLT Surgical Spirit 200ml

Mild astringent & hardens skin.Containing: methyl salicylate 0.5% v/v, Virgin castor oil, diethyl phthalate, ind. methylated spirit 95% v/v. NB MAXIMUM ALLOWED PER ORDER 5 ONLY.

DLT Nail Polish Remover 150ml

Acetone free remover with cuticle conditioner. Numark Nail Polish Remover Acetone prevents dryness around the nails and leaves them in great condition, ready to be painted with the colour of your choice.

clinell Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser in two sizes: 60ml and 520ml. Clinell Hand Sanitising Liquids have been designed specifically for use within the healthcare sector to kill germs and instantly sanitise hands.

clinell Antimicrobial Spray 100ml

100ml. Clinell Antimicrobial Spray for cleaning and disinfecting hands and surfaces. Kills at least 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus in 10 seconds.

clinell Hand Sanitiser Gel 100ml

100ml gel for instantly disinfecting hands without need for soap and water, without leaving a sticky residue. Contains blend of 70% ethanol to provide a superior level of effectiveness against germs.

Podopro Skin Disinfectant 400ml Aerosol

A Chlorhexidine skin preparation for rapid disinfection, providing reassuring protection for personal skin hygiene. Contains: Chlorhexidine Gluconate solution 20% BP 0.5% w/w.

clinell Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml

Contains 70% alcohol and moisturisers, dermatologically tested. Cleans and refreshes with natural extracts of aloe vera.

clinell Universal Wipes (100)

100 Thick, heavy duty wipes. Clinell Multi-Purpose Universal Wipes to clean & disinfect, trusted by the NHS, suitable for use on hands and a wide range of surfaces.

X-Mist All Round Sanitiser 125ml

The ultimate all round sanitiser spray for use on hands, computer screens, door handles, keyboards etc Skin friendly and quick drying. Guaranteed to actively kill harmful viruses and germs on all surfaces. 75% alcohol

HIBI Liquid Hand Rub 500ml

Liquid Hand Rub+ Surgical & Hygienic Hand Disinfection. Effective against a wide range of bacteria & fungi. Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v, Isopropyl Alcohol 70% v/v.

HIBI Hibiscrub 500ml

Antimicrobial skin cleanser for antiseptic handwashing, pre-operative surgical hand disinfection. 4% w/v cutaneous solution, Chlorhexidine gluconate 40 mg/ml.

DLT Pump Head Dispenser

Pump head dispenser for any bottle that needs to disperse liquids.

Deb - Cutan Hand Wash 1 litre

Cutan® Gentle Wash is a highly emollient hand soap intended for frequent use and contains mild cleansing agents in the soap to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh. Cutan® Gentle Wash creates a rich cream lather for effective skin coverage perfect for the healthcare industry.

Deb - Cutan Gel Hand Sanitiser with Dispenser 1 litre

Cutan® Gel Hand Sanitiser is a alcohol based skin sanitiser. Kills 99.999% of many bacteria instantly and has an added conditioner to help prevent skin dryness.

DLT supply a range of patient skin disinfectants for use by Podiatrists

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