Effigerm Wound Care Hydrogel 150ml

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A specialised solution for mechanical removal of foreign bodies. It optimizes moisture, humidity, oxygen, and pH levels to support healing. 

Its key ingredients include hypochlorous acid, deionized water, and sodium chloride. This dermatologically tested solution is pH neutral, ensuring compatibility with the skin while providing effective results.  Class IIa medical device.

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Specifically designed for wound irrigation, cleansing and debriding wounds while preventing infections.

  • Ideal for soothing sore, irritated skin.
  • Gently irrigates and moisturises the affected area.
  • Helps flush out irritants causing wound malodor.
  • Contains hypochlorous acid as a preservative, inhibiting microorganism growth.
  • Aids in preventing biofilm formation.
  • Moistens wound dressings, moisturises the wound, and loosens crusted dressings.
  • Recommended for managing minor skin issues like abrasions, lacerations, irritations, cuts, burns, and intact skin.


Product Category
Wound Cleansers
Nail Surgery