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Heel & Ankle Protection

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Gel Heel sleeve for protection of the heel area. Sold in packs of 1.

Ultra Thin - One Size - Per pair.
Cushions and protects heels: relieves heel pain. Shock absorbing pattern. Self adhesive backing on heel.

One Size. Priced per pair. Cushions and protects back of heel.
Self adhesive: Stays firmly in place. Clear massaging gel cushions are thin and discreet. Washable and reusable, wash by hand and air dry. Fits in all shoes.

Moisturising gel heel sleeve for dry, hard, or cracked skin.

Achiles geel pad for protection of inflamed areas, heel bumps, friction. Sold in large or small, in packs of 1.

The Malleolar Sleeve provides mild compression to help reduce ankle swelling in and around the ankle, cushions and protects the ankle from pressure.  Sold in packs of 1. 

Soft microfibre booties lined with moisturising mineral oil gel to rehydrate dry or hard skin.

A wide range of heel cushioning products to relieve pressure behind, around or underneath the heel area.