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Ideal for adding posts to manufactured orthotics.With or without adhesive backing

Chamois covered latex foam with an elastic net loop. Designed to support curly or retracted toes and help relieve pressure and pain.

Chamois covered toe props with Metluxe adjustable loops to provide comfort and support to your toes. Also irradiates pains and any pressure pains.

Phenolic foam foot impression boxes are a quick and easy to use tool to give impression of the patients foot. The foam is fine and soft to prevent skin irritation.
Available in 2 depths for effective casting.

Evalon wedge strips with adhesive backing.Ideal for adding posts to manufactured Orthotics.

These heel lifts have been designed by professional clinicians, for an economical and instantly adjustable ready-made heel raise. Unique peel-away layers enable the heel lift to reduce intervals of 3mm, with a velvet fabric cover. The tapered leading edge on the underside of the heel irrespective of the number of layers removed, and the radius of the back edge.

Plaster of Paris bandage

A leather covered latex cushion designed to give relief to tender heel conditions with the added benefit of a removable centre to give extra relief in severe conditions.

Leather covered rubber valgus pad with self adhesive base.
Can be stuck to either insole or directly into the shoe.

Plastazote sheets. Heat mouldable.

Regenerated leather board (1.1mm)

Sheet size: 1m x 0.5m

A leather 1/2 insole with an in-built metatarsal support that gently lifts the metatarsal arch to relieve ball of foot tenderness.

Silicone for palliative orthosis. A paste that is extremely easy to handle. Soft, elastic and smooth to the touch.Washable, reusable and provides immediate relief from pain. 500g.

1 Litre. Solvent Cement.

A tried and tested moldable orthotic made from a soft silicone.
Includes hardener.

Poster 50cm x 66cm.

Ideal for the manufacture of insoles and orthotics.

1 Pair. Helps to limit the formation of corns on the tip of Hammer Toes and Claw Toes.

Size: 50 x 66 cm Poster that illustrates the foot and ankles major arteries, nerves, tendons and muscles in full colour.

Poster 50cm x 66cm.

When combined, PP20-A and PP20-B can be used for moulding inter-digital wedges, toe separators, dorsal toe protectors and orthodigital splints. 

Our range of appliances and materials, includes casting materials, posting wedge strips, material sheets, silicone putties, and pre-made appliances such as chamois leather toe props, heel, and met pads.