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Optimum Medical Ultrasound Gel Sachet 20g

Sterile, individually wrapped single-use sachets. 20g. Price per sachet.

DLT Podiatry Patella Hammer Nylon 17.5cm

Professional lightweight plastic patella hammer to test for sensory feeling.

Neuropen Neurotips

Box of 100 sterile, single-use neurological examination pins which avoid the risk of cross-infection and skin puncture.

VibraTip VibraClip

Deisgned for use with the VibraTip.

VibraTip VibraTip

Pocket sized and disposable device for testing vibration sense. VibraTip has been specifically designed to overcome the limitations of tuning forks for testing the integrity of vibration sense.

DLT Podiatry Patella Hammer

Heavy duty metal patella hammer with chrome coating which test any sensory awareness in the patella.

Bailey Retractable Monofilament 10g

The retractable monofilament is an ergonomically designed diagnostic tool for detecting sensory neuropathy e.g. in diabetics.

Neuropen -

Peripheral neuropathy screening device.

Tip Therm diagnostic device

Tip Therm is an early diagnostic device for symmetrical polyneuropathy which measures temperature sensitivity of the skin. It was developed to give the clinician and patient a convenient and easy to use method of testing.

DLT Podiatry Tuning Forks

These are heavy duty, high accuracy steel tuning forks for serious medical applications involving sensory loss.

DLT Podiatry DermaStat Skin Moisture Meter

Determine & maintain effective moisture levels for proactive, protective skin care. Heal & avoid dry, cracked skin. Proven clinical accuracy. Dermastat assesses the statum corneum, the most superficial layer of skin.

Aeon Infrared Digital Thermometer

Accurate and non touch thermometer, ideal for establishing risk of foot ulceration in diabetic patients.

UltraTec PD1cv Vascular Pocket Doppler 8 Mhz Probe

The UltraTec PD1cv is a small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket doppler with fixed vascular probes. Perfectly suited as an entry level doppler for pressure index or routine vascular detection. With 8 Mhz Probe.

UltraTec PD1v Pencil Probe Vascular Doppler - 8 Mhz Flat Probe

The UltraTec PD1v is a small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket doppler. Its 8MHz vascular pencil probe is ideal for routine vascular examinations. With 8 Mhz Flat Probe.

Systoe Toe Systolic Pressure Measurement

A fully automated system for assessment and diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease and critical limb ischemia. Advantageous for follow ups of diabetic patients, patients with chronic renal failure and elderly patients.

Tuning forks, monofilaments, neurotips, patella hammers, neuropen, Tip Therm, neurothesiometer, etc for testing.

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