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Padding Materials

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Slim, anti-friction covering with soft brushed surface.Available in two sizes. ON A ROLL
28cm x 58cm and
28cm x 2.50cm

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A 100% cotton fleecy surface that can be easily stretched and moulded to the required shape. All Podopro padding packs contain 4 sheets sized 45cm x 22.5cm.

Animal Wool 250g Bag

Flesh tinted polyurethane foam with white fleecy surface for the soft touch. All padding packs contain 4 sheets.

Comfortable, soft, open cell polyurethane foam that is highly compressible with instantaneous recovery, making it ideal for light cushioning.

Fleecy Web Extra features a heavier weight 100% cotton fleecy surface to provide increased density as compared to standard Fleecy Web.  Ideal for reducing friction and shear forces, Fleecy Web is easily stretchable and moulded to patient requirements.  

Latex swanfoam with soft, raised cotton swansdown surface and specialised weave provides added resilience and performance. 

Flesh tinted latex foam which is ideal for use in compression.

A mixture pack featuring our most popular padding materials, Swanfoam 5mm, Semi compressed felt mixture 5mm, Polyfoam Fleecy 5mm and Fleecy Web.

Semi compressed felt in pure wool with unique weave layer adhesive, providing added resilience while offering easy removal.

Save 10% when you buy 10

Semi compressed felt mixture in a wool and synthetic mixture, the weave provides added resilience and performance for optimum pressure absorption. All padding packs contain 4 sheets.

Mixer Pack which contains Pure Wool in 4 different thicknesses - 2mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm.

Compressed felt in pure wool, adhesive with weave payer provides added resilience while offering easy removal. 

A comprehensive range of felts, foams, and fleecy web, developed by podiatrists to meet the needs of all medical and podiatry professionals.