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Replacement tips for all nail care and polish corrector pens. 5 tips.

Acetone free remover with cuticle conditioner. Numark Nail Polish Remover Acetone prevents dryness around the nails and leaves them in great condition, ready to be painted with the colour of your choice.

Cosmetic toe nail reconstruction leaflets.

20 per order. A5.

Specially designed application brushes for Wilde Pedique products, flat, pointed or thin.

For cleaning synthetic brushes, including gel (where the gel hasn't been cured) and Connex.

Long manicure sticks for use with LCN. Size: 11.8cm Length.

Plastic pump dispenser with lockable lid for holding cleaner and polish remover. Capacity: 150ml.

Prevents ingrown toenails and strong cornification.
Makes cuticles elastic and the painful pressure of the nail on the nail bed is eliminated.

For the care and treatment of ingrown nails, calluses and corns.

Gently removes nail polish. 3 replacement tips.

For fragile finger- and toenails and to support the preparative treatment of nail mycosis.

Promotes nail growth. GEHWOL Nailcare contains a high amount of wheat germ oil with vitamin E and other

builders. Furthermore, it contains active ingredients from the essential oil of chamomile in a solution with optimal momentum and spreading effects.

Protects against fungal infections and the nails and skin regains its elasticity and beauty.

Contains precious substances, such as wheat germ oil, panthenol, and bisabolene for nail and skin care and your nails receive a natural silky shine.

Now with a Mango fragrance. Solvent based, alcohol solution. To degrease (clean) natural nail before sculpting.

Gehwol Nail and Skin Protection Spray cares for the nails improves elasticity, stability and the ability of the nail to bind with water.

Cares for brittle and dry nails and helps to prevent fungal infections. 

Includes 3 replacement tips, sufficient for approximately 1,000 uses. 

Body Essentials Nourish your Nails may be used on toenails affected by fungal infections or thickened, psoriatic nails. The oil can also be applied to dry, brittle, flaky and damaged nails and helps to strengthen fingernails.

Medical lint free swabs.
Pack of 500 or pack of 1000.

Quick Dry Spray, spray on your polished nails from a distance of approx. 10cm. the nail lacquer dries within a short time and receives a beautifully shiny surface.

Available in 50ml and 250ml sized bottles.

Ideal as a pre-treatment for softening tissue before cutting nails. Used to soften ingrowing nail spurs before removal.

A specialised nailcare that keeps nails protected and is very gentle and sensitive for the skin.

Effective treatment of mycosis and bacterial infection with Piroctone Olamine.
50ml Bottle or 50ml Spray

Contains clotrimazole. Mykored helps to stop athlete's foot. Mykored deodorises and cares for skin in between toes and nails. Helps to prevent skin infections.

Available in 50ml Pipette, 70ml Spray and 500ml Bottle.

Contains essential oils to improve nail condition and 1% clotrimazole as a fungal preventative.

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