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Cabinet & Lighting Accessories

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Energy saving lamp fits Deluxe Magnifier LT05. Length 163mm

These lamps consist of a tubular glass envelope and emit more than 85% of their energy in the UV-C ultra violet radiation with a peak at 253.7nm for germicidal action.
The majority of germicidal lamps operate most efficiently in still air at an ambient temperature of 25°.

Universal Lamp Holder for use with the Gerlach Footcare Cabinets to hold Daylight or Luxo lamps.

Gerlach Hand piece holder, to fit all Gerlach cabinets.

5 Spoke Floorstand. Height: 80 cm (31.5"). 2 YEARS WARRANTY.
Compatible With: All Daylight Magnifiers.

A choice of accessories is available for your podiatry workstation including lamp brackets and handpiece holders.