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Instrument Care

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For heavy staining. For satin finished surfaces. Set of 3 different grains (grain 180, 320 and 600) The Satin Pads contain high performance fibers with flexible resin technology.

Pen for lubricating hard to reach joints of instruments. Easy to use dispenser for applying oil to instruments prior to autoclaving. 12ml. Provides excellent corrosion & oxidation protection.

For polishing stainless steel. Medic Mesh is an abrasive cloth which abrasive crystals are deposited on a flexible latex surface in contrast to normal sandpaper.
(14 x 14cm/5.51" x 5.51").

For removal of stains, tarnished areas and lime residues. For all satin finished metal surfaces. The diamond Rubbel is the perfect tool for cleaning surgical and dental burs, sterilization containers, stainless steel tables and operating rooms.

Medical product according to 93/42/EEC for surgical instruments as well easy to use for all other fine surfaces.

A range of products to help care for and maintain your podiatry instruments, helping to extend their lifespan.  Includes instrument brushes, reconditioning powders, satin pads, and instrument oils.