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Spot Plasters - Sterile Plasters - Washproof Plasters Size 2.2cm Round
Quantity: 100

Large Sterile Dressing Pack.

Protective Spray Plaster.


Acrytensil is a quick drying, porous plastic dressing for nails and skin.

Adhesive sterile surgical dressing that is absorbent, and breathable with an outer film layer that protects the wound from water.

Non-Sterile hypoallergenic dressing on a roll with central wound pad.

Extra thin sterile, semi-permeable hydrocolloid dressing. Adhesive with polymers helps contain wound exudate and allows non-traumatic removal.

5 x 5 cm. 25 dressings. 

Povitulle is a non-adherent sterile gauze dressing containing povidone-iodine USP 10%.  Povitulle has been designed to prevent infection in both acute and chronic wounds. 

Low adherent absorbent dressing. 4 packs of 25, sterile, individually wrapped 5 x 5 cm double sided wound dressing, to dress post-operative wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and abrasions.

Sterile individually wrapped hypoallergenic dressing. PK 100
7.2cm x 5cm

Individually wrapped sterile non adherent absorbent dressings.

Inadine Dressing is a non-adherent dressing made from a low adherent knitted viscose fabric impregnated with a polyethylene base containing 10% Povidone Iodine; equivalent to 1.0% available iodine.  The long lasting antiseptic effect helps manage infection.

Conformable non-adhesive foam dressing.

A self adhesive dressing ideal for low to moderately exuding wounds. Can be used on surgical wounds, minor burns, cuts, abrasions and post-operative wounds.

Sterile, non-woven alginate absorbent haemostatic dressing. Designed to absorb wound exudate and promote haemostasis. Composed entirely of calcium-sodium alginate fibre. 5cm x 5cm. Pack of 10.

Individually wrapped sterile paraffin gauze dressing BP (normal loading). For burns, scalds, skin loss, wounds
& leg ulcers. Pack 50. 5 x 5 cm.

BACTIGRAS is an antiseptic paraffin impregnated gauze dressing which soothes and protects the wound while helping to reduce wound infection and inflammation.   Impregnated with Chlorhexidine.  

Non-adhesive, hypoallergenic 5cm x 5cm dressing with a highly absorbent central hydro cellular layer. 

Allevyn Adhesive Dressing 7.5cmx 7.5cm is a sterile foam film dressing in a self-adhesive format for simple and effective fixation. Pack of 10.

Sterile, semi-permeable hydrocolloid dressing which consists of an inner wound contact layer of hydrocolloid contained within an adhesive polymer matrix and an outer layer of polyurethane foam.

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