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Bunion Protection

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Hallux Bunion Cushion made from soft and flexible, mineral oil gel. Fits easily in most footwear.

Soft and flexible bunion cushion for tailor's bunions.

Bunion cushion with spreader, helps to relieve bunion pain and provide correct toe alignment.

Comfortable sleeve cushions, pads & protects and anatomically designed gel pad conforms to the shape of the bunion which also relieves friction and pressure. Pack of 1.

Bunion Protection Pad (protection for Hallux Valgus) provides excellent protection to the sensitive bunion area. The gel pad alleviates pressure and friction on the bunion.

1 Pack. Available in S, M & L. Helps to realign the big toe and relieves pain. Night use. Can be used on left & right foot.

Our bunion cushioning products reduce friction and shear forces to help relieve the pressure on painful joints.