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Regenerated leather insoles to be used as a base insole for additions of padding and coverings.

URETHANE cushion insoles can be used alone or as a base for appliance manufacture.

A moulded construction with an upper of open cell foam, providing effective cushioning and a base of denser foam, providing support without losing the suppleness of the insole.

Slim-line in design, this EVA constructed chairside orthotic insole is supportive to the medial arch. The flat forefoot accepts modifications and also has a deep cupped heel.  High Density with top cover (Shore 70)

Strengthened green EVA insole that provides increased support around the arch and heel.

Quick and easy to use, prescribed in minutes.

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Taping loops are worn under the socks and almost all shoes to correct Hallux valgus. Wear for one hour to begin with and increase to 8 hours as it takes time for the joint structures to get used to the loop.

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9-to-5 insoles are designed to reduce foot fatigue and enhance the natural function of the foot, all day and every day at work or at play.

Leather covered lightweight acrylic support with built-in heel cushion, valgus support and metatarsal pad. Designed to relax muscles, ligaments and tendons and provide relief from fallen arches and splay foot problems.

One size - up to women's size UK7. Adds a layer of cushion and improve comfort of sandals and open toe footwear.

A heavy duty support manufactured in lightweight “Durasoft” acrylic, incorporating a metatarsal pad and finished with a high quality top cover.

• Extra cushioning variant gives additional padding at ball of foot and heel
• Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place
• Use – absorb pressure & provide comfort to the foot. Helps prevent burning sensation under the foot
• Two versions: Ultra-Slim & Extra-Cushioning

A comfortable, lightweight alternative to bulky, restrictive ankle braces. Simply slip the flexible nylon sleeve over your foot and ankle, and experience immediate relief from ankle pain and injury.
Contains 1 ankle bracing sleeve.

Dual density heel cup for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running.  Medical Grade Silicone Polymer. 

• Semi rigid 3/4 plastic shell
• Skidproof base
• 3mm poron full length top cover

The HV3 Bunion Bracing Sleeve was created using a light-flex toe splint along with an anatomically correct split-toe design to provide relief of bunions, realign toe angles and reduce forefoot swelling.

A full length heavy duty support manufactured in lightweight “Durasoft” acrylic, incorporating a metatarsal pad and finished with a high quality top cover.

Dual-durometer construction for extra protection of rear and midfoot tissues without crowding the shoe. Anti-microbial cover absorbs odour, prevents bacterial growth and allows foot and insert to slide easily into the shoe.

Use – corrective product for relieving heel pain & improving stability while redistributing pressure away from common stress points. Priced per pair.

The FS6 Performance Compression Foot Sleeve relieves symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, heel pain, foot swelling, and other discomfort.

Super Performance. Invented due to a big recognition in the market place of a ¾ Length insole. Great for tight fitted shoes. All standard arch pieces (firm, medium, light) and metatarsal pieces (medium, light only supplied and required for this style) come in the packaging. Excellent for shock absorption and foot fatigue. Available in Womens & Mens.

One pair per pack. Prevents bunion formation and strengthens abductor hallucis, thus improving walking. Reduces friction and swelling and mildly separates toes, reducing daily foot fatigue. RRP: £29.50
Only 3mm thick, can be worn with footwear. Made from thin and durable elastic fabric material.
How the Corrective Sock by SuperFoot prevents bunion formation.

WAS £29.95, NOW £21.95.
Toed Socks with an integrated elastic tension strap for correcting of hallux valgus (bunions). Available in 3 colours. Wearable in almost all shoes.

OrthoSole insoles were created to be entirely unique from the standard offerings of uncomfortable, unsupportive, one size fits all insoles, or the complications of heat moulding to a specific prescription.

Our Insoles and Supports range includes basic insoles, gel insoles and gel cups, insoles with built in arch supports and compression foot supports.