Orthosole 3/4 Max Cushion

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Super Performance. Invented due to a big recognition in the market place of a ¾ Length insole. Great for tight fitted shoes. All standard arch pieces (firm, medium, light) and metatarsal pieces (medium, light only supplied and required for this style) come in the packaging. Excellent for shock absorption and foot fatigue. Available in Womens & Mens.

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OrthoSole insoles were created to be entirely unique from the standard offerings of uncomfortable, unsupportive, one size fits all insoles, or the complications of heat moulding to a specific prescription.

OrthoSoles are designed to accommodate your patients specific type of foot ; the only insole on the market with customizable metatarsal and arch support.

Let Feet Find Their Fit

  • Step 1 - CUSTOMIZE 
    Configure your new orthoses with your preferred combination or arch and metatarsal support pads.
  • Step 2 - REPLACE
    Remove your shoe's existing insoles. Replace them with your new OrthoSole insoles, fabric side up. Make sure your OrthoSoles fit snugly in the shoe and your toes have sufficient room to move.
  • Step 3 - WEAR
    Wear your OrthoSole insoles for a minimum of 2 minutes while they comform to the shape of your foot. Experience how the current support pad combination feels for you. OrthoSoles feel great out of the box, so you don't have to worry about any "break-in-period".
    Re-configure your combo. If needed, adjust support pads again until you find the most comfortable combination for your feet. You can adjust your OrthoSole insoles as many times as your need.


Product Category
Arch Supports
Insole Length
3/4 Length
W 2 to 3.5, W 8 to 9.5, M 6 to 7.5, M 8 to 9.5,
Heat Mouldable
Quantity Per Pack