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Body Essentials

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Body Essentials Nourish your Nails may be used on toenails affected by fungal infections or thickened, psoriatic nails. The oil can also be applied to dry, brittle, flaky and damaged nails and helps to strengthen fingernails.

Body Essentials Banish that Blotch may be used to relieve the symptoms of verrucae. It can be used in conjunction with conventional chemical treatments and low level laser therapy.

Body Essentials Ditch that Itch is designed to relieve the symptoms of athlete’s foot, providing an effective remedy for cooling, calming and rejuvenating irritated skin.

Body Essentials Warm your Sole is designed to soothe chilblains and other conditions caused by sensitivity to cold conditions. A warming application suitable for use on fragile skin, this blend of oils can be applied to almost any part of the body.

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A unique blend of therapeutic aromatherapy oils, expertly created to enhance their value in the prevention and treatment of mild to moderate skin and nail conditions. They can be used as part of a routine podiatry treatment or prescribed by the podiatrist for home use by the client.