For Hot or Perspiring Feet

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Gehwol Fusskraft Green contains the active complex Deozinc to help to prevent Foot Odour.   

Gehwol Fusskraft Mint combines the revitalising icy freshness of a cooling mint lotion composed of an Asian medicinal plant oil with the gentle caring effect of a balm that is immediately absorbed. Dermatologically tested. Also suitable for diabetics.

Cooling cream for fresh feet. Dermatologically tested.
Also suitable for diabetics. Cares and deodorises. Natural peppermint oil and menthol refresh tired, sore and strained feet and legs. 75ml.

GEHWOL med Deodorant foot cream with its pleasant odour combines
the highly concentrated active substance extract of Manuka oil
with micronised zinc oxide to remove strong foot odour for at least
24 hours in a nourishing cream base with jojoba oil and aloe vera.

Gehwol foot bath with balsamic herbal oils which alleviates aching feet, revitalises tired feet and eliminates troublesome soreness. Available in 400g & 10kg. The feet are thoroughly warmed and revitalised.

Helps keep feet dry, smooth and odourless. With disinfectant active ingredients to prevent infections.

100ml tube.

Tea Tree is often known as melaleuca oil and has a long history in the use for its healing properties. This footcare cream was developed to help conditions such as tinea, foot odour, bacteria and help to prevent infection– all whilst moisturising the feet to provide smooth and supple skin.

GERMAN PACKAGING!!! Refreshing & revitalising bath concentrate. With spike lavender and lavender. The active ingredients help tired, aching & strained feet to feel good. Regular bathing prevents infections & provides long-term deodorisation. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for diabetics.

Gehwol bath salt creates a revitalising rosemary bath which cleanses, refreshes, warms, and revitalises the skin with its soothing substances that are deeply absorbed into the pores.
box contains 10 x 25g sachets.

Softens hard skin. Combats rough cracked skin, foot perspiration, and foot odour.

For hygienic freshness. Ideal for sports and on the go. Zinc ricinoleate prevents and removes sweat and odour on the feet and in the shoes. 150ml

Herbal Lotion cools and refreshes tired feet, softens calluses, and prevents itching of the skin and athletes foot. The feet enjoy long-lasting deodourisation, foot odour is eliminated, and the skin remains smooth and beautiful.

GEHWOL caring Footdeo contains natural essential oils from rosemary and lavender in a balanced combination with herbal extracts from camomile and peppermint , as well as the skin-vitamin Panthenol.

Helps to protect fungal infection including Athlete's Foot.  

Tea tree oil has natural disinfecting abilities. Ureka Tea Tree Footcare Cream contains 100% natural tea tree oil and soothing calendula. Odour preventing calendula is an intense moisturiser and will help provide smooth and soft skin.

Cooling and deodorising foot creams and spray for hot or perspiring feet.