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17" strong, smooth plastic shoe horn to manoeuvre
the foot into boots or shoes. Black only.

Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventer patches prevent big toe holes from forming in trainers and other fabric footwear.  The thin patches fit inside footwear and are unnoticeable once applied. 

Trainer Armour Heel Hole Preventer patches prevent heel holes from forming in shoes.  The thin patches fit inside footwear and are unnoticeable once applied.

COMPEED® Callus plasters contain hydrocolloid active gel technology which relieves pain immediately and helps remove the callus. Not only does it stay in place for days*, it provides optimum cushioning from rubbing and pressure.

Unique 6 layer Blister Prevention Pads with Silipos Technology that stick to the shoe and not the foot.  Long lasting protection for up to 3 months, Pellitec stay securely in position.  

Invisibly helps to prevent blisters and chafing. COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick is effective in the prevention of friction and blistering. 90% of users surveyed reported it prevented blisters and chafing on feet.

COMPEED® Blister Extreme plaster with advanced hydrocolloid technology for instant pain relief and fast healing. The honeycomb design provides 20% extra cushioning* for optimal comfort and protection during any high intensity activity.

Designed for very painful blisters, such as those caused through sporting activities

Starter Pack for Trainer Big Toe Hole Preventer.


5 x Big Toe Hole Preventer Black

5 x Big Toe Hole Preventer White

Starter Pack for Trainer Armour Heel Hole Preventer.


5 x Heel Hole Preventer Black

5 x Heel Hole Preventer White

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