Toe Protection

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Fully lined with polymer gel, the digital cap is ideal for all-round digital protection and is used extensively in sports for pressure and friction protection.  One Size. 

Traditional shape for relieving pressure and friction on toes and fingers. Can be trimmed. Superior cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, nails and cuticles, hammer toes and partially amputated digits.

Protects toes from friction and footwear pressure.  Can be cut to size.

One per pack.
Available for left or right foot.

Provides protection and comfort for nail problems, dry or cracked cuticles, corns, hammer toes, kerotic lesions and partially amputated digits. Use - traditional shape for relieving pressure and friction on toes or fingers.  Washable and reusable.

Sold in packs of 2 or packs of 6.

Anatomically moulded to fit comfortably between toes reducing shearing and inter-digital pressure. 

Sold in packs of 15 or packs of 4.

One Size. Use – shoe aid specifically designed to fit around the material between the toe of the flip flop. Helps reduce friction and irritation between toes with very soft, comfortable polyurethane gel.

Versatile gel appliance that can be used to separate toes or with the gel cushion underneath the toe to provide support.
Sold in packs of 2.

The digital pad protects toes and fingers from friction and toes from footwear pressure and irradicates any discomfort corns and calluses may cause.

Toe spreaders are thicker than the separators and because the polymers soft conforming properties, these spreaders are extremely comfortable.
Sold in packs of 4.

Reduces friction and irritation and provides relief on the bunion joint • Toe loop is flexible and fits around the toe to ensure spreader stays firmly in position.  Washable and reusable

Protects the toes against and prevents the formation of corns and blisters. To help alleviate pain from existing calluses.

Sold in packs of 1.

One Size. High-grade mineral oil releases comfortably on contact with skin to soften corns. Extra protection and comfort for smaller fifth toe. May help relieve pain from tight shoes or other pressure. Washable and reusable. 6 per pack.

Digital Pad on a continuous strip and once cut to size, the tube can be turned inside-out.

Prevents and soothes pain at the tip of the toes: hard corns, blue nails, ingrown nails etc.

Fully lined with polymer gel with all-round digital protection and can help to reduce scar tissue which can increase personal comfort. 15cm length. 

Available in knit (pack of 3) or mesh (pack of 2)

Digital pads on a strip with anti-bacterial fabric.

Digital Pad on a continous strip and once cut to size, the tube can be turned inside-out. Number of pads on strip varies depending on size.

Our Toe Protection range provides cushioning and support for common conditions including Hammer Toes, Corns, Calluses and overlapping toes.