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Clinisept is an excellent alternative to Chlorhexidine spray for cleaning your patient’s skin prior to a podiatry treatment.

It provides exceptional levels of hygiene without causing irritation to the skin. 

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Clinisept+ is a fast-acting cleanser and antimicrobial solution that can be used for both pre-procedure and after procedure skin cleaning. Clinisept+ provides highly effective microbial control but because of its gentle oxidising method of action doesn’t itself inhibit skin recovery: it causes no stinging, sensitising, or irritation and neither does it dry the skin. Clinisept+ is suitable for use on normal and sensitive skin. 

Clinisept+ products are effective in seconds and deliver more effective protection against bacteria than traditional skin cleansing chemistries. But they are also more ‘skin compatible’ than traditional skin cleansing chemistries:

  • Clinisept+ has a skin neutral pH
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Non-irritant to skin and eyes
  • Does not cause respiratory irritation

Clinisept+ products are produced in an ISO13485 Medical Device facility and have been subject to extensive efficacy and dermatological testing


Simply spray directly onto the skin, or spray onto a sterile gauze or cotton pad and wipe onto feet. Ensure the area is thoroughly wetted. For maximum care of recovering or irritated skin, spray regularly with Clinisept+ or soak a gauze or pad and leave it to soak on the affected area for five to ten minutes. For best results, leave skin to dry naturally. To keep irritated, itching or recovering skin cleansed and calm, Clinisept+ Podiatry should be applied 2-3 days as required or as instructed by your podiatrist.



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