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DLT Impression Boxes

Phenolic foam foot impression boxes are a quick and easy to use tool to give impression of the patients foot. The foam is fine and soft to prevent skin irritation. Available in 2 depths for effective casting.

DLT Plaster of Paris GYPSONA

Plaster of Paris bandage

DLT Bland Rose 500g

Silicone for palliative orthosis. A paste that is extremely easy to handle. Soft, elastic and smooth to the touch.Washable, reusable and provides immediate relief from pain. 500g.

DLT Catalyst Reaktol 20ml

A liquid Catalyst used for the mixing of all types of Fresco silicones.

Dreve Otoform

A tried and tested moldable orthotic made from a soft silicone. Includes hardener.

DLT Bonditite 1 ltr

An all purpose cement used for repairing and manufacturing shoes of any material. The open assembly time is between 5-30 minutes depending on the materials to be bonded. FOR BONDING LEATHERS, SYNTHETICS,NATURAL FIBRES,URETHANE ,EVA AND RUBBERS 580g.

Podopro Silicone Moulding Putty

Silicone Molding Putty formulated specifically for podiatric use. Used for molding: interdigital wedges, toe separators, dorsal toe protectors and orthodigital splints. PP20 is easy to use due to: Quick setting time and longevity, Flexibility and softness, Great value for money. 2 x 250g. Watch the step by step video below.

DLT stock a wide range of glues and silicones for the practitioner to create bespoke orthotic products.

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