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Retail Products For Podiatry Practice

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LCN 20% off Ends 31/03/2019


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LCN Replacement Tips (5)

20% OFF! Replacement tips for all nail care and polish corrector pens. 5 tips.

LCN Gel Application Brushes

20% off! Specially designed application brushes for Wilde Pedique products, flat, pointed or thin.

LCN A5 Leaflet - Doubled Sided x20

Cosmetic toe nail reconstruction leaflets x20. A5 size.

LCN Rosewood Sticks Long PK 10

20% OFF! Long manicure sticks for use with LCN. Size: 11.8cm Length. SHORT ROSEWOOD STICKS DISCONTINUED!

LCN Brush Cleaner 100ml

20% off! For cleaning synthetic brushes, including gel (where the gel hasn't been cured) and Connex.

LCN Pump Dispenser 150ml

20% OFF! Plastic pump dispenser with lockable lid for holding cleaner and polish remover. Capacity: 150ml.

LCN Nail Polish Corrector Pen

20% off! Gently removes nail polish. 3 replacement tips.

LCN Mykosept 50ml

20% off! Effective treatment of mycosis and bacterial infection with Piroctone Olamine. Anti-inflammatory Use daily after bathing on nails or between toes Use with Wilde-Pedique 50ml Bottle 50ml Spray

LCN Purzellin Swabs

20% off! Medical lint free swabs. Pack of 500 or pack of 1000.

LCN Quick Dryer 25ml

20% off! Quick Dry Spray, spray on your polished nails from a distance of approx. 10cm. the nail lacquer dries within a short time and receives a beautiful shiny surface. RRP: £13.30

LCN Cleaner 500ml

20% off! Alcohol-based degreasing and disinfection solution.

LCN Mykosept Plus 3ml

20% off! Treatment set for mycosis and bacterial infection with Piroctone Olamine. Set includes clear anti-fungal polish and 3 files. Use daily for 2 weeks, then twice weekly.

LCN UV-French-Gel

More colors available

FM-Naturelle – UV-French-Gel for a result that reflects the colour of a natural free nail edge. 15ml FM-Extra White – UV-French-Gel Bluish-white UV-Gel for an extremely white result.

LCN Wilde-Pedique Connex Silver Plus 10ml

20% OFF! Enhances bonding to natural nail. Hydrophile monomer swells collagen in natural nail. Contains anti-fungal agent. Air dry for 2 minutes then use gel as normal.

LCN Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus 10ml

More colors available

20% OFF! Light-cured gel with anti-mykotic agent Piroctone Olamine and micro silver. Available as a clear gel and in 5 shades. Lasts 3 years after opening.

LCN Wilde-Pediseal 10ml

20% OFF! High gloss, smooth finishing gel.

LCN Wilde-Pedique Starter Kit

20% OFF! A comprehensive starter kit containing everything required to start using LCN Wilde-Pedique within your practice.

Wilde-Pedique is a UV gel designed specifically for the reconstruction of toe nails. The finished nail is non porous, light, flexible and durable, has excellent adhesion and contains the anti-mycotic agent Piroctone Olamine.

At a cost of approximately £1.00 to reconstruct a big toenail, it is an excellent revenue stream.

Applications include:
Building a new nail on nail spurs after a TNA
Disguising unsightly nails
Replacing nails lost through trauma
Onychauxis - coating the reduced nails to prevent bacteria
The choice of 6 shades to please both you and your clients


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