ICB Medical High Heel Orthotics

ICB Medical
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Purpose built to fit into ladies high heel footwear. It features rearfoot varus post, and exhibits the same triangular shaft design as the rest of the range, which supports the transverse and longtitudinal arch of the foot, finishing under the second, third, and fourth metatarsal heads area.

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The high heel model is most effective when worn in shoes with a 15-20mm heel or higher.  

To achieve a customised orthotic, ICB Orthotics should be heated on the plantar surface only and fitted by the practitioner - this will ensure optimium patient treatment results. For further information 

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Being a low profile, slim-line orthotic, the ICB High Heel style can be used to fit into narrow, tight-fitting football boots.  It is recommended to add a 2° or 4° rearfoot varus post to the High Heel Orthotic, to increase inversion of the foot - as the orthotic only has a 3° intrinsic rearfoot post.  Doing so will provide greater pronation control and realignment.  The High Heel Orthotic can then be heat moulded to increase the arch profile (as required).

To prevent slippage of the orthotic inside the football boot, use the included Velcro fasteners to hold the orthotics in place.

UK Sizes

X Small  Womens 3.5-5
Small    Womens 5.5-7
Medium   Womens 7.5-9
Large    Womens 9.5-11


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Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large,
Degree of correction
Heat Mouldable
Insole Length
2/3 Length
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