Super Foot Corrective Sock (pair)

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One pair per pack. Prevents bunion formation and strengthens abductor hallucis, thus improving walking. Reduces friction and swelling and mildly separates toes, reducing daily foot fatigue. RRP: £29.50
Only 3mm thick, can be worn with footwear. Made from thin and durable elastic fabric material.
How the Corrective Sock by SuperFoot prevents bunion formation.

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Only 3mm thick, can be worn with footwear. Made from thin and durable elastic fabric material.

Made from Elsternet.

A bunion (Hallux Valgus) is the condition that the big toe is angled excessively towards the second toe and a bony lump appears on the side of the big toe. Eventually, the area gets inflamed, and the entire joint becomes still and painful. As the condition gets worse, the big toe rubs on the second toe, or pushes it up out of place, thus the toes are deformed (hammer toe) and calluses are formed.

Helps with sprain stabilisation, foot pain (metatarsalgia) and heel pain. 

Designed by Podiatrist Emmanouil Arvanitakis. The pack contains one left and one right foot sock. Wash at 30°. We recommend replacement after 6 months. 


Causes of the disorder

• Inherited (genetic) factors
• Auto-immune diseases
• Flat Feet
• Highheeled and narrow toed shoes
• Hypermobility of the first ray

Bunions most commonly affect women

It has been reported that bunion symptoms occur nine times more frequently in women than in men. Tight fitting shoes, especially high-heeled and narrow toed shoes might increase the risk for bunion formation.

Advantages for the health of our feet and body

• It prevents bunion formation
• It decelerates and inhibits bunion advancement
• It reduces pressure on metatarsal
• It reduces the pain under the foot and heel pain
• It keeps the foot stable during walking
• It helps post surgery recovery of the bunion

The Corrective Sock is sutible for

The Sock is suitable for everybody irrespective of age and sex, but more particulary for:

• Women, who are more likely to form a bunion
• Atheletes, who need support due to daily intense physical exercise
• Children who need support for their foot arch and foot stability. Furthermore, it helps for better performance in their sports activities (football, basketball, ballet etc)


• Wearing the corrective sock strengtherns adbuctor  hallucis, thus improving walking
• It reduces friction and swelling and it mildly seperates toes, hence reducing daily fatigue
• Moreover, it helps with sprain stabilization, foot pain (metatarsalgia ) and heel pain.


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