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DLT Dropper Bottle

Brown glass bottle with screw cap and rubber pipette.

DLT Surgical Spirit

Mild astringent and skin cleanser. Containing: Castor oil, methyl salicylate, diethyl phthalate, ind. methylated spirit. NB MAXIMUM ALLOWED PER ORDER 5 ONLY.

DLT Nail Polish Remover 150ml

Acetone free remover with cuticle conditioner. Numark Nail Polish Remover Acetone prevents dryness around the nails and leaves them in great condition, ready to be painted with the colour of your choice.

DLT Hydrogen Peroxide 200ml 3%

Mild disinfectant for minor cuts and wounds and skin ulcers. Kills bacteria by releasing oxygen when in contact with body tissues.

RossFraser Acrytensil

Acrytensil Extra hard, Acrytensil Standard, Acrytensil Solvent. Quick drying, porous, plastic dressing for nails and skin with many podiatric uses. 10ml

DLT Clove Oil 10ml

A natural analgaesic and antiseptic used for relieving pain.

DLT Friars Balsam TBCO 50ml/500ml

Benzoin Compound Tincture. A mild antiseptic dressing, protects wounds from bacteria and reduces inflammation.

Hydrex Surgical Scrub 500ml

Hydrex surgical scrub for use as an antiseptic hand wash and a pre-operative hand scrub.

Videne Surgical Scrub 500ml *P* (Expiry 10 2017)

6 IN STOCK!!! *PHARMACY ONLY PRODUCT* (Expiry 10 2017) 50% OFF For use as a hand wash/scrub and for pre-operative skin preparation. A replacement for Betadine Surgical Scrub.

HIBI Hibiscrub 500ml

This preparation contains chlorhexidine gluconate in the form of an alcoholic solution. Chlorhexidine gluconate is an antiseptic effective against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, some fungi and viruses.

HIBI Hibisol 500ml

To disinfect hands and skin prior to surgical or clean procedures. Hibisol can also be used to disinfect hands after handling infected materials.

DLT Irriclens 240ml

Irrigate and cleanse wounds safely and effectively with this easy to use sterile, saline spray solution.

Hydrex Pump Head Dispenser for Hydrex Hand scrub

Pump Head Dispenser for Hydrex Hand scrub (AN09A)

DLT Ferric Chloride 15% 500ml

Astringent and also haemostat.

Videne Surgical Scrub 500ml *P*

*PHARMACY ONLY PRODUCT* For use as a hand wash/scrub and for pre-operative skin preparation. A replacement for Betadine Surgical Scrub.

Videne Antiseptic Solution 500ml *P*

*PHARMACY ONLY PRODUCT* For pre-operative skin preparation. A replacement for Betadine antiseptic solution.

Videne Alcoholic Tincture 500ml *P*

*PHARMACY ONLY PRODUCT* For pre-operative skin preparation. A Replacement for Betadine Alcoholic Solution.

DLT Pump Head Dispenser

Pump head dispenser for any bottle that needs to disperse liquids.

DLT Normasol Sachets pack 25 (25ml)

Single use, sterile solution irrigation solution. Sodium Chloride Solution 0.9% w/v Ph. Eur. Not for injection. pack 25.

DLT Clear Plastic Bottle Rack

Clear perspex bottle rack 26.4cm(L) x 6.4cm(W) 4.7cm(D). Bottle width to be no more than 35mm.

Our range of liquids include: Sterile Solutions like, Normasol Saline Solution, Steripods Blue and Irriclens. Hand Rubs and Scrubs like, Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel, Hibiscrub, Hydrex Surgical Scrub and Videne Alcoholic / Antiseptic Solutions.


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