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Dr.'s Remedy Nail Care

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  • New Opus Premium Podiatry Drill

  • www.dltpodiatry.co.uk/Silicones-adhesives/PP20-A-PP20-B

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  • Hyperion D

  • Bodyblock - Support Block

  • Sterilisation Pouches

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Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish

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  • Podopro.
  • Orthosole.
  • Excilor.
  • Epitact.
  • E45.
  • Healthy Step.
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Dr.'s REMEDY Wisdom White

PEARL A pearly, high-gloss hue. Sleek, sophisticated and super-versatile, it has the wearability of a nude—with the impact of a big bold color. Wear it alone for an icy veil of cool white color or go tips-only to dress up a French manicure.

eks Solingen Satin Pads set of 3

10% OFF WHEN YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT WITH ANY NIPPER.For heavy staining. For satin finished surfaces. Set of 3 different grains (grain 180, 320 and 600) The Satin Pads contain high performance fibers with flexible resin technology.

eks Solingen Medic Mesh - for polishing stainless steel

10% OFF WHEN YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT WITH ANY NIPPER. Medic Mesh is an abrasive cloth which abrasive crystals are deposited on a flexible latex surface in contrast to normal sandpaper. (14 x 14cm/5.51" x 5.51").

eks Solingen Diamond Rubbel

10% OFF WHEN YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT WITH ANY NIPPER. For removal of stains, tarnished areas and lime residues. For all satin finished metal surfaces. The diamond Rubbel is the perfect tool for cleaning surgical and dental burs, sterilization containers, stainless steel tables and operating rooms.

PodoTronic Opus Premium

The new device with fully brushless motor technology and new LED lighting technology on the handpiece! The Premium has a brushless motor in the handpiece but also a brushless suction turbine in the control unit. This drill is maintenance-free!

eks Solingen Instrument Care - Cleaning Kit

10% OFF WHEN YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT WITH ANY NIPPER. Medical product according to 93/42/EEC for surgical instruments as well easy to use for all other fine surfaces.

Gehwol Disinfectant Foot Lotion 2000ml

For cleansing and refreshing the feet. Disinfectant alcoholic lotion with menthol, lavender oil and GEHWOL ingredients. For cleansing and refreshing the feet before and after foot care. Protects against infections and bacteria.

Brandon Medical Optica 488 LED Magnifier Luminaire

• 40 % energy savings • Intensity: 6,000 Lux using only 14 watts of power • Maintenance Free: LED life of up to 50,000+ hours • Continuous dimming to 10%. Adjustable light intensity for a variety of procedures without jeopardising colour rendition • Wide angle lens 153mm for distortion-free vision

Podopro PP20-A & PP20-B

Silicone Molding Putty formulated specifically for podiatric use. Used for molding: interdigital wedges, toe separators, dorsal toe protectors and orthodigital splints. PP20 is easy to use due to: Quick setting time and longevity, Flexibility and softness, Great value for money. 2 x 250g. Watch the step by step video below.

Dr.'s REMEDY Total Two-In-One

A multi purpose clear. Benefit from the adhesion & nail barrier of a base coat and the wear protection and gloss of a topcoat. TOTAL provides good wear, easy application and protects the colour from UV radiation. Can also be worn alone as a clear for a natural look. Contains biotin, tea tree oil, as well as cactus, ginseng and kale for added hydration.

Podopro Urethane & Urethane Adhesive

PORON® Performance Urethane materials, which are open cell, offer unique characteristics making them the ideal material selection for a variety of shoe applications including insoles and footpads.

DLT Foot Models

Life sized models depict a flat foot, an arched foot and a normal foot. Each foot has 23 numbered parts.

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