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Gehwol Disinfectant Foot Lotion 2000ml

For cleansing and refreshing the feet. Disinfectant alcoholic lotion with menthol, lavender oil and GEHWOL ingredients. For cleansing and refreshing the feet before and after foot care. Protects against infections and bacteria.

Gehwol Gerlasan Hand Cream

Moisturising hand cream with aloe vera, urea and jojoba oil. For daily hand care. Consists of a special combination of ingredients including aloe vera, jojoba oil, tapioca starch and urea for intensive care and protection of overstrained hands. Available in 75ml & 500ml.

Hadewe SB Dust Extraction Drills SB-22 Drill

The latest SB models have a digital speed display and an easy-to-clean membrane keyboard. The powerful suction motor is stored on rubber pads to protect it during transport. The first is our most popular SB-22 with a speed of up to 22.000 rpm.

Hadewe SB Dust Extraction Drills SB-12 Drill

The latest SB models have a digital speed display and an easy-to-clean membrane keyboard. The classic SB-12 with a speed of 2.000-12.000 rpm is very powerful in lower settings, which makes it perfect for slow moving instruments.

Gehwol Hydrolipid Lotion Dry Skin

Intensive care, sustained moisture retention. Unscented. GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Hydrolipid-Lotion is an easily distributed lotion for the daily care of dry skin on the feet and legs. It is quickly absorbed and compensates for a lack of lipids and moisture. Available in 150ml & 500ml with dispenser.

Hadewe SB Dust Extraction Drills SB-12 A Drill

The latest SB models have a digital speed display and an easy-to-clean membrane keyboard. The low-priced SB-12 A, now has a slimmer handpiece. All three SB drills are certified as class 2A EU-Medical Device units for the professional, medical podiatry field.

ICB Medial Flanges

ICB Medial Flanges can be attached to the dorsal surface, on top of the medial arch contour, to provide extra comfort and support.

Gehwol Leg Balm

Pleasantly soothing medicinal herb balm for legs and feet.GEHWOL Leg Balm makes skin beautiful, smooth and supple when used regularly. Dry skin, skin blemishes, discolouration, infections of the foot and premature skin ageing are prevented. Available in 125ml & 500ml with diepenser.

Gehwol Foot Deodorant Cream 125ml

Deodorant foot cream. With Manuka extract for 24 hour freshness. GEHWOL med Deodorant foot cream with its new, pleasant odour combines the highly concentrated active substance extract of Manuka oil with micronised zinc oxide to remove strong foot odour for at least 24 hours in a nourishing cream base with jojoba oil and aloe vera.

SAEYANG K38 micromotor drill

Lightweight and compact design, 30000 rpm , ideal for domiciliary. Extremely Quiet and powerful. Lithium-ion battery. Use while charging. Overload protection system. Forward & reverse Direction.

LEMI Podo 5

More colors available

The PODO 5 podiatry chair has been specifically designed to ensure maximum comfort for both the patient and operator alike. Thanks to it’s 5 motors, leg rests, backrest, seat bottom and chair height are all fully adjustable.

Diamondeb Nail File 6"

This 6" stainless steel nail file is simple in design but effective in performance with its rough surface and smooth handle you can file nails down with accuracy and control.

Bodyguards Alcohol Hand Rub 60ml & 500ml

BodyGuard Alcohol Cleanser Hand Rub Pump 500ml. Alcohol Hand Rub 60ml Cleanser. Safe & User Friendly: Product contains aloe vera, skin conditioners and moisturisers to provide enhanced skin moisturising and conditioning.

Gehwol Soft Feet Scrub

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Scrub gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells, renews the skin surface and smoothes it. Natural bamboo granulate and jojoba wax encourage a gentle massage and activate skin circulation. 125ml & 500ml.

CryOmega Disposable Cryosurgical Device

Clinically effective direct application of liquid nitrous oxide (-89 deg C) in a convenient and economical device.Click U tube link for instructions

Gehwol Soft Feet Cream With Milk and Honey

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream’s gently caring base contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids. Special deep acting hyaluron is absorbed by the skin, supporting its regeneration and strengthening the skin’s own defences. Available in 125ml and 500ml with dispenser.

Excilor Treatment of Fungal Nail Infections

Excilor® Fungal Nail Infection is an efficient and economical way to treat your patients suffering from a fungal nail infection. Excilor is available as a pen applicator (3,3ml) or solution (3,3ml).

Bentlon Podochair Bronze

More colors available

This entry level chair delivers quality and reliability at a highly competitive price. The Podochair Bronze is a quality stable chair with a lifting capacity of 200kg and features Trendelenburg functionality. Available in 2 colours grey and blue.

NSK Podiavac 40

Powerful, compact vacuum device with integrated suction system, a brushless, low-maintenance NSK micro-motor (up to 40,000 rpm) and an easy-to-clean, hygienic membrane keypad. Digital display of micro-motor speed and suction power. The extremely efficient suction system (up to 350 W) is switchable, and its intensity can be adjusted.

DLT Domiciliary Foot Rest

Domiciliary foot rest including carry case.

DLT Foot Models

Life sized models depict a flat foot, an arched foot and a normal foot. Each foot has 23 numbered parts.

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