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DLT Adisons Forceps

Stainless steel toothed forceps with simple design and sharp ends for effective results, 14cm.

Podopro Mosquito Forceps - 10cm

Stainless steel mosquito 10cm forceps, fine end with lock.

Podopro Dissecting Forceps Straight

Stainless steel straight dissecting forceps, 14cm.

Podopro Mosquito Forceps - 14cm

Stainless steel 14cm mosquito forceps, fine end with lock.

Podopro Tubegauze Applicators

Tubegauze applicators in a variety of different sizes and textures.

Podopro Spencer Wells Forceps - 12.5cm

Stainless steel Spencer Wells forceps with lock.

Podopro Blade Removing Forceps

Forceps designed for the safe removal blades from their handles.

Aesculap Scissors Sharp/Sharp

15cm extremely sharp stainless steel scissors with both tips sharp. For delicate work.

Podopro Scissors Blunt/Sharp

15cm extremely sharp stainless steel scissors, one tip blunt one tip sharp. The standard for most chiropodists/podiatrists, for general clinical use.

DLT stock a selection of angled and straight stainless steel forceps made for clean and effective performance includes grips and ring holes so you can gain complete control for more precise results.


Also professional, extremely sharp stainless steel scissors for effective cuting of hard or soft materials.

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