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DLT Podiatry Catalogue

FREE DLT Catalogue.

DLT Podiatry Sterile Gallipot 60ml

Sterile Gallipot 60ml.

DLT Podiatry Sterile Dressing Pack - Small

5 x cotton wool balls, 1 x gallipot (60ml), 1 x sterile field (45x45cm), 5 x Swab Non Woven 7.5 x 7.5cm 4ply.

DLT Podiatry Amber Dropper Bottle 20ml

Brown glass bottle with screw cap and rubber pipette. 20ml

DLT Podiatry Drawstring Pedal Bin Liner x 25

Drawstring pedal bin liners made from 95% recycled materials. 25 per pack.

DLT Podiatry Drawstring Swing Bin Liner x 15

Drawstring swing bin liners made from 95% recycled materials. 15 per pack

DLT Podiatry Clinical Tissues

HOSPITEX Super white absorbent tissues for clinical usage. Effective and long lasting. 2 PLY FACIAL TISSUES Pack of 76

DLT Podiatry Hydrogen Peroxide 200ml 3%

Mild disinfectant for minor cuts and wounds and skin ulcers. Kills bacteria by releasing oxygen when in contact with body tissues. Contains: Hydrogen Peroxide 3% w/v.

DLT Podiatry Sterile Dressing Pack - Large

8 x cotton wool balls, 3 x swabs (10x10cm), 1 x gallipot (60ml), 1 x sterile field (50x50cm), 1 x tray.

DLT Podiatry Economy Paper Couch Roll

Ecomomy Paper roll - Multi Buy 8 get 1 FREE.

DLT Podiatry Silver Nitrate *P*

*PHARMACY ONLY PRODUCT* Silver Nitrate pencils and applicators. For removing granulation tissue, warts and verrucae.

DLT Podiatry Sterile Adhesive Aperture Drape

Sterile aperture drape 50cm x 60cm. 1 pack. Ideal sterile field for nail surgery.

DLT Podiatry Ultra Light Face Shield

Certified Product. Our visors are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) designed with quality and safety in mind. These face visors offer significant eye, mouth and nose protection. Adjustable straps. This visor does not tilt.

DLT Podiatry Surgical Spirit 200ml

Mild astringent & hardens skin.Containing: methyl salicylate 0.5% v/v, Virgin castor oil, diethyl phthalate, ind. methylated spirit 95% v/v. NB MAXIMUM ALLOWED PER ORDER 5 ONLY.

DLT Podiatry Sharps Bins

A selection of sharps bins ranging in size from domiciliary use to large practice.

DLT Podiatry Nail Polish Remover 150ml

Acetone free remover with cuticle conditioner. Numark Nail Polish Remover Acetone prevents dryness around the nails and leaves them in great condition, ready to be painted with the colour of your choice.

DLT Podiatry Cotton Wool

Cotton wool, cotton wool balls (sterile and non sterile) and tip applicators for general podiatry use.

DLT Podiatry Terbinafine 1% Hydrochloride Cream 15g *POM*


DLT Podiatry Clove Oil 10ml

A natural analgaesic and antiseptic used for relieving pain. 100% clove oil.

DLT Podiatry Balmosa Chilblain Cream 40g

This preparation contains a combination of menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate and oleoresin capsicum as active ingredients. Balmosa is a warming pain relieving cream that offers effective relief from muscular aches and pains.

DLT Podiatry Disposable Aprons

Disposable aprons. 100% polyethylene, 16 Micron. Suitable for general dust and dirt protection. Lightweight and disposable material. Available in 100 Pack & Roll of 200.

DLT Podiatry Tilt & Lift Face Shield

SALE! Certified Product. Our visors are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) designed with quality and safety in mind. These face visors offer significant eye, mouth and nose protection and can be utilised for any work place environment. Visor Angle adjustment.

DLT Podiatry Sterile Cotton Wool Balls

Cotton wool balls sterile 20 x 5 balls.

DLT Podiatry Heavy Duty Refuse Sacks x 50

Super Strong Refuse Sacks made from recycled materials. 50 per pack.

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    Here at DLT we supply a wide rage of Healthcare Supplies for the Podiatry and Chiropody industry. This includes a variety of specialised creams and sprays, liquids and padding materials as well as treatments such as anti fungal and dressings.

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