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Burs and Discs


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DLT Large Ball Bur

Large ball bur, for delicate areas.

DLT Small Ball Bur

Small ball bur for delicate areas.

DLT Enucleator Bur

Enucleator bur, very fine for smoothing delicate areas.

DLT Small Pear Bur

Small pear bur.

DLT Small Bud Bur

Small bud bur.

DLT Large Bud Bur

Large bud bur.

DLT Medium Bud Bur

Medium bud bur.

DLT Large Pear Bur

Large pear bur.

DLT Nail Cleaner (tungsten carbide)

Gentle removal of debris in the nail fold. See images for all sizes.

DLT Ball nose cutters

Perforation of gel and acrylic, designing of wells, treatment of corns. PRICED PER CUTTER.

DLT Large Cylinder Bur

Large cylinder bur.

DLT Callus Bur

Callus bur to file away any unwanted areas to the foot effectively.

DLT Steel instruments, stainless (Trephine)

Removal of corns and calluses.See images for all sizes.

DLT Hurrican Burs

Removal of callus in the wet and dry technique – suitable for diabetic feet - super coarse.

Nail Burs, Diatwister Burs, Disposable Burs,  Moores Discs and Bur stands.

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