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body glide


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body glide Retail Clipstrip

Clipstrips neatly display 6 units with a branded header and a metal hook, to place strips anywhere! Product not included.

body glide Body 3g

1 Tub. The original anti chafing, anti blister balm™ Protect your skin against rubbing that causes chafing, irritation and raw skin. The balm forms a dry, invisible barrier, effective wherever skin is rubbed by clothing, footwear or skin. RRPL £3.50

body glide Foot Glide 22g

1 Pack. Stop Blisters. Protect your toes and feet against rubbing that causes blisters and hot spots with a dry, non-greasy barrier. The advanced formula is a dry, invisible, non-greasy barrier. Stay active, pain free. RRP: £9.99

body glide Skin Glide 45g

1 Pack. Anti chafe cream. Protect hard-to-reach places with a silky smooth and moisture rich anti chafing barrier that resists the rubbing that causes chafing, blisters and painfully raw skin. Always dry, never messy. Unisex. RRP: £11.99 For everyday use.

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