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PRENDÉ FREE leaflets

NEW DESIGN - Click the add to basket button to receive your free ORB leaflets in the post. A5 size.


NEW DESIGN - Click the add to basket button to receive your free ORB poster in the post. A2 size.

PRENDÉ Step by step - How to use the ORB/ Warm Wax

Download the PDF below. A step by step guide on how to use the Prende Podicure Wax Pods and Orb. .

PRENDÉ ORB Brush 18mm

Available to buy single or pack of 15. Select from drop down menu. ORB brush with wooden handle, high grade glues to ensure the tapered, taklon bristles stay put after repeated ORB warming. 18mm. Easy to clean and long lasting, perfectly designed for luxurious ORB use.

PRENDÉ Orb Protective Collars (50)

Limits wax spills on Orb and surrounding areas. Helps to keep workspace clean & tidy. Reduces time spent on cleaning. Fits the rims of 7.5cm. Pack of 50.

PRENDÉ Paraffin Wax Pods 10 x 35g

Paraffin Wax For Hands & Feet. Simply drop a POD into your ORB, peel away the film, allow it to melt and then paint, relaxing brush stroke after relaxing brush stroke. 10 PODS x 35g.


The Prendē ORB forms an integral part of the Podicure treatment. A hand held skincare warmer for unique warm brush application. Giving enhanced efficacy of product, portion control and hygiene. THE ORB is a beautiful and totally new product delivery sensation, which upgrades everything you do, effortlessly and effectively.


The kit contains: 1 x ORB, 1 x White booties (PRENDE9), 2 x Prende Pods (PRENDE2), 2 x Orb brushes (PRENDE3), 1 x 30ml Intense Oil (PRENDE7), 20 Clear bags, 1 x tube of Ureka (10% or 25%). 1 x pair Lined Hand Mitts 100% Cotton Towelling (PRENDE10).

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