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Silipos Gel Tubing - Ribbed/,Mesh (Toes)

Fully lined with Silipos polymer gel with all-round digital protection. Can help to reduce scar tissue which can increase personal comfort. Available in Ribbed: Narrow 2cm x 15cm 2 per pack, Wide 2.5cm x 15cm 2 per pack. And Mesh: 2cm x 15cm 3 per pack.

Silipos Gel Toe Crest

Medical grade silicone absorbs shock, vibration and provides even pressure distribution and also helps reduce pressure and pain caused by hammer, claw and mallet toes.

Silipos Digital Caps

Fully lined with Silipos polymer gel, the digital cap is ideal for all-round digital protection and is used extensively in sports for pressure and friction protection. Available in ribbed or mesh.

Silipos Digital Pad on a Strip

Digital Pad on a continous strip and once cut to size, the tube can be turned inside-out. Number of pads on strip varies depending on size.

Silipos Universal Gel Strap

Surgical grade elastic sleeve with a gel pad that covers all five metatarsal heads and serves as a soft tissue supplement to fat pad atrophy. Sold as a pair and available as covered gel or ucovered gel.

Silipos Achilles Heel Pad

Achilles Heel Pad ia a soft conforming gel pad protects the posterior of the heel from pressure and friction and reduces pain caused by footwear pressure particularly on any irregular heel bumps. Pack of 1.

Silipos Heel/Elbow Slip Over

The heel and elbow clip over helps effectively the healing of dry cracked heels or elbows and regulary used to help prevent heel ulceration. Pack of 1.

Silipos Bunion Care Gel Sleeve

Comfortable sleeve cushions, pads & protects and anatomically designed gel pad conforms to the shape of the bunion which also relieves friction and pressure. Pack of 1.

Silipos Toe Separators

Anatomically molded to fit comfortably between toes reducing shearing and inter-digital pressure and can be trimmed is required. Available in pack of 15.

Silipos Digistrip - 2 Strips

Half coated with Silipos polymer gel with the same applications as the digital pad but in a strip, allowing you to choose the length needed with absolute comfort.

Silipos Gel Squares

Gel Squares are squares of polymer gel that are a versatile solution to problems caused by pressure and friction. The mineral oil in the gel is used to moisturise dry skin to provide protection and comfort.

Silipos Soft Shear Gel Sheeting

Soft shear gel sheeting is a thick sheet of silipos polymer gel available either lined both sides with fabric or just one side and is excellent pressure and shear relieving properties.

Silipos Pressure Relief Padding

Pressure relief padding is ideal for the relief of pressure and friction and can be applied to splinting materials or used to line braces, prosthetics, orthotics and sports related padding.

Silipos Body Discs

Multi purpose body discs of Silipos polymer gel that provide comfort and ideal for relieving the pain of pressure and friction. Pack of 2.

Silipos Wonderflex

Wonderflex can come lined or unlined with soft durometer cushioning for top cover of orthotics which is ideal for diabetic, arthritic and the insensitive foot.

Silipos Wonderspur

The Wonderspur's blue dot aids calcaneal spurs, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee and back pain and provides maximum comfort and pain relief.

Silipos Wondercup

The Wondercup's red dot aids heel pains, knee and back pain and provides maximum comfort and pain relief.

Silipos All Gel Digital Caps

All gel caps available in S/M and L/XL.

Silipos Gel Tubing - Mesh (Ankles and Elbows)

Fully lined with Silipos polymer gel with all-round protection. Can help to reduce scar tissue, increasing personal comfort. X Wide for ankles or elbows - 7.6cm(3")x 25.4cm(10"). 1 per pack.

Silipos Toe Spreaders

Toe spreaders are thicker than the separators and because the polymers soft conforming properties, these spreaders are extremely comfortable. Available in pack of 4.

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