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DLT Impression Boxes

Phenolic foam foot impression boxes are a quick and easy to use tool to give impression of the patients foot. The foam is fine and soft to prevent skin irritation. Available in 2 depths for effective casting.

DLT Plaster of Paris GYPSONA

Plaster of Paris bandage

DLT Bland Rose 500g

Silicone for palliative orthosis. A paste that is extremely easy to handle. Soft, elastic and smooth to the touch.Washable, reusable and provides immediate relief from pain. 500g.

DLT Catalyst Reaktol 20ml

A liquid Catalyst used for the mixing of all types of Fresco silicones.

DLT Bonditite 1 ltr

An all purpose cement used for repairing and manufacturing shoes of any material. The open assembly time is between 5-30 minutes depending on the materials to be bonded. FOR BONDING LEATHERS, SYNTHETICS,NATURAL FIBRES,URETHANE ,EVA AND RUBBERS 580g.

DLT stock a wide range of glues and silicones for the practitioner to create bespoke orthotic products.

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