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Podopro All-Gel Toe/Finger Cap (1)

Superior cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, nails and cuticles, hammer toes and partially amputated digits. (1)

Podopro All-Gel Toe Digital Cap (1)

Traditional shape for relieving pressure and friction on toes and fingers. Can be trimmed. Superior cushioning, protection and relief for corns, calluses, nails and cuticles, hammer toes and partially amputated digits.

Podopro Gel Toe Crest (1)

• Use – to ease discomfort from hammer, claw and mallet toes • Flexible toe loop easily fits over toe to stay in place • Washable, durable and non-allergenic Can be used on left or right foot One per pack

Podopro Dress Sandal Spreader (2)

One Size. Use – shoe aid specifically designed to fit around the material between the toe of the flip flop. Helps reduce friction and irritation between toes with very soft, comfortable polyurethane gel.

Podopro Metatarsal Pad w/Toe Separator (1)

With integral toe separator to help realign toes and prevent inter-digital toe abrasion and discomfort while providing protection and comfort.

Podopro Toe Spreaders

Toe spreaders are thicker than the separators and because the polymers soft conforming properties, these spreaders are extremely comfortable. Sold in packs of 4.

Silipos Gel Toe Crest

Medical grade silicone absorbs shock, vibration and provides even pressure distribution and also helps reduce pressure and pain caused by hammer, claw and mallet toes.

Podopro Digital Strip

Half coated with medical polymer gel with the same applications as the digital pad but in a strip, allowing you to choose the length needed with absolute comfort. Each pack contains strip 60cm (24") ie. 20 toe protectors.

Podopro Arch Pad Never Slip (pair)

Adds medial arch support for fallen, weak, or high arches and pronation problems. Our polyurethane material is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, latex free, and can be applied directly on the skin. Priced per pair. One size.

Podopro Dancer Pad Never Slip (pair)

Use – the aperture off-loads pressure from 1st metatarsal head. Ideal for turf toe, sesmoiditis, hallus limitus, and hallus valgus. Prices per pair. One size.

Podopro Flexible Ball of Foot Cushion Never Slip

Ultra Thin - One Size. Priced per pair. Cushions and protects ball of foot area. Helps prevent the burning sensation in ball of foot. Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place. Washable and Reusable. wash by hand and air dry

Podopro Callus Pad Never Slip (pair)

Provides cushioning around painful calluses. Reduces pain by transferring pressure from the callus to the pad. Ideal for calluses, blisters, metatarsal pain, fat pad atrophy, and metatarsalgia. Priced per pair. One size.

Podopro Gel Tubes

Fully lined with polymer gel with all-round digital protection and can help to reduce scar tissue which can increase personal comfort. 15cm length.

Podopro All Gel advanced Toe Spreader with Toe Loop (4)

• Use - Reduces friction and irritation and provides relief on the bunion joint • Toe loop is flexible and fits around the toe to ensure spreader stays firmly in position. 4 per pack.

Podopro Forefoot Relief Pad

Ultra Thin - One Size. Priced per pair. Cushions the balls of the foot to help prevent aches and pains. Designed with a shock absorbing pattern which holds the product in place.

Podopro All-Gel Fifth Digit Corn Pad (6)

One Size. High-grade mineral oil releases comfortably on contact with skin to soften corns. Extra protection and comfort for smaller fifth toe. May help relieve pain from tight shoes or other pressure. Washable and reusable. 6 per pack.

Podopro Digital Pads on a Strip

The moulded disc of Silipos soothing and moisturising gel is ideal for corns, blisters, nail bed injuries and calluses. Number of pads on strip from 17 to 11 depending on size.

Podopro All-Gel Toe/Finger Tube (6)

Provides protection and comfort for nail problems, dry or cracked cuticles, corns, hammer toes, kerotic lesions and partially amputated digits. Use - traditional shape for relieving pressure and friction on toes or fingers.

Podopro Toe Separators

Anatomically molded to fit comfortably between toes reducing shearing and inter-digital pressure. Can be trimmed is required. Sold in packs of 15.

Silipos Gel Metatarsal Pad

Medical Grade Silicone absorbs shock, vibration and provides even pressure distribution and anatomically designed for comfort and support. Sold as a pair.

Podopro Gel Foot Cover

Gel foot covering made from a thin layer of gel covered on both sides with fabric and offers complete protection which is ideal for activities that are stressful on the toes. Sold as a pair.

Podopro Sandal Sole (pair)

One size - up to women's size UK7. Adds a layer of cushion and improve comfort of sandals and open toe footwear. Low profile design, washable and reusable, wash by hand and air dry. Patented non-slip, transparent gels absorbs shock, shear and friction forces along the entire bottom of the foot. Priced per pair.

Podopro Digital Caps Knit

Protects toes from friction and footwear pressure. Can be cut to size. Pack of 6.

Podopro Digital Caps Mesh

Fully lined with Silipos polymer gel, the digital cap is ideal for all-round digital protection and is used extensively in sports for pressure and friction protection. Sold in packs of 8. ONE SIZE 17MM.

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    Tubing, pads and caps are ideal for the protection of toes and fingers.
    All Silipos and Podopro gels contain a medical grade mineral oil will help to soften and moisturise the skin. There is a product for almost all digital conditions that would benefit from the cushioning effect of the gel.

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