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ICB- Inversion Ramp (1)

ICB Extended Heel lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required. Finishing behind the metatarsal heads these lifts provide extended control & support, whilst not interfering with the patient’s ability to toe-off. One per pack.

ICB- Extended Heel Lift

ICB Extended Heel lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required.

ICB- Heel Lifts

Used as an aid in the treatment of a structural short leg. Always use a heel lift in conjunction with an orthotic. Available in: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, small, medium, large. Available in packs of 2 or 10.

ICB- Metatarsal Domes FIRM or SOFT

Choose from Soft or Firm. Designed to lift the metatarsal arch and spread the metatarsals, helping to relieve the symptoms of metatarsalgia, pinched nerves and neuromas. Available in small or large, packs of 10.

ICB- Forefoot Additions

Forefoot additions can be applied when extra forefoot support is needed. ICB Forefoot additions can be used for either Varus or Valgus deformity and are tapered to allow a smooth drop-off on the distal edge. Available in 4° and 6°, pack of 10.

ICB- Rear Foot Additions

Rearfoot additions are applied when extra rearfoot control is needed (more than the 5° inversion built into ICB Orthotics). They can be used to reduce patient's pronating over the arch of the orthotic. Available in 2° and 4°, packs of 10.

ICB- Medical Heat Gun

Compact and lightweight for easy handling.

ICB Orthotic Additions are made of 100% EVA and can be heated and ground down (using a bench grinder, nail drill or Dremel). 

ICB Orthotic Additions allow the Practitioner to quickly and easily customise the orthotics to suit the patient's biomechanical requirements on the spot. Each pack of ICB Additions includes double-sided adhesive tape used to adhere the addition to the orthotic.

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