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DLT Gravity Goniometer

A Gravity Goniometer an essential tool in biomechanical assessment. Aluminium face dial and calipers. Designed for the practitioner who is interested in treating tibial torsion and to assess soft tissue compensations acquired due to inherited biomechanical conditions.

ICB Heat Moulding Orthotics are custom-fitted shoe inserts that work to restore and align the foots natural structures. ICB Orthotics allow you to reclaim your bodys overall balance and soft tissue control thus eliminating lower limb stresses and upper body compensations. ICB Orthotics are available through DLT and can be fitted in a matter of minutes, with amazing results.

ICB Heat Moulding Orthotics are available in a variety of models: 2/3 length, full length, high heel and dress (for use in moccasins). There is an ICB Orthotics to suit everyone from children, to sports people and the elderly.


ICB Orthotics Special Features

5 degree Intrinsic Rear Foot Varus Angle: for the best angle for optimum performance 42 degree.
Sagittal Inclinator: allows balance and co-ordination together with pelvic control and stability.
Triangular Shaft: enables weight to be dispersed across the individual bones of the foot through its unique Weight Distribution System (WDS).
100% EVA: combines a long 'construction memory' to retain shape and a unique non-slip surface for greater control.
Closed Cell Construction: no air bubbles means there is no compression or distortion.
Heat Moulding: easy moulding to individual foot or cast. Wearing Your Orthotic In: wear for 1-2 hours per day until no discomfort occurs. Otherwise consult your practitioner for heat remoulding.
Additions: Heel lifts, Rearfoot additions, Forefoot additions and Metatarsal domes are available, all with pre cut double sided tape for ease of fixing.

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