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ICB- Metatarsal Domes FIRM or SOFT

Choose from Soft or Firm. Designed to lift the metatarsal arch and spread the metatarsals, helping to relieve the symptoms of metatarsalgia, pinched nerves and neuromas. Available in small or large, packs of 10.

ICB- Forefoot Additions

Forefoot additions can be applied when extra forefoot support is needed. ICB Forefoot additions can be used for either Varus or Valgus deformity and are tapered to allow a smooth drop-off on the distal edge. Available in 4° and 6°, pack of 10.

ICB- Rear Foot Additions

Rearfoot additions are applied when extra rearfoot control is needed (more than the 5° inversion built into ICB Orthotics). They can be used to reduce patient's pronating over the arch of the orthotic. Available in 2° and 4°, packs of 10.

ICB- Heel Lifts

Used as an aid in the treatment of a structural short leg. Always use a heel lift in conjunction with an orthotic. Available in: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, small, medium, large. Available in packs of 2 or 10.

ICB- Active Pro

Cushioning orthotics for professional and recreational athletes.

ICB- FREE Inversion Sprain A2 Poster

FREE ICB Poster A2 size. Wall poster for Inversion Sprain.

ICB- Leaflets

FREE DL Leaflets to help promote the ICB range in clinic.

ICB- FREE Achilles Tendonitis A2 Poster

FREE ICB Poster A2 size. Wall poster for Achilles Tendonitis.

ICB- FREE Hip & Back Pain A2 Poster

FREE ICB Poster A2 size. Wall poster for Hip & Back Pain.

ICB- FREE Plantar Fasciitis A2 Poster

FREE ICB Poster A2 size. Wall poster for Plantar Fasciitis.

ICB- Inversion Ramp (1)

ICB Extended Heel lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required. Finishing behind the metatarsal heads these lifts provide extended control & support, whilst not interfering with the patient’s ability to toe-off. One per pack.

ICB- Extended Heel Lift

ICB Extended Heel lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required.

ICB- Medial Arch Infills

(Medial Longitudial Arch Block) ICB Medial Arch Infills have been designed using a low density EVA to provide extra medial longitudinal arch support, whilst still maintaining the comfort of the orthotic in the rearfoot and forefoot. Price per pair.

ICB- Medial Flanges

ICB Medial Flanges can be attached to the dorsal surface, on top of the medial arch contour, to provide extra comfort and support.

ICB- The Orthotic Solution

New release publication, that is a great resource for all modalities, and was written to aid Practitioners in further developing their lower limb biomechanical knowledge, and discusses clinically proven, conservative treatment methods for commonly experienced lower limb biomechanical anomalies.

ICB- High Heel Orthotics

Purpose built to fit into ladies high heel footwear. It features rearfoot varus post, and exhibits the same triangular shaft design as the rest of the range, which supports the transverse and longtitudinal arch of the foot, finishing under the second, third, and fourth metatarsal heads area.

ICB- Green Orthotics - 2/3 Length for SEVERE PRONATION

Firm Density (>75kg). ICB GREEN Orthotics are specifically designed to treat patients who exhibit severe pronation. GREEN ICB Orthotics are ideal for athletes, highly active patients and patients weighing over 75Kg.

ICB- Blue Orthotics - 2/3 Length for MEDIUM PRONATION

Mid density (65kg- 75kg). ICB BLUE Orthotics are specifically designed to suit the standard patient who exhibits MEDIUM pronation. BLUE ICB Orthotics are ideal for general use in patients weighing 65Kg - 75KG

ICB- White Orthotics - 2/3 Length for MILD PRONATION

Soft Density (<65kg). ICB White orthotics are a soft density EVA that provides mild pronation control and can easily be heat moulded and customised. Patients are able to easily adapt to the realignment and mild fuctional control.

ICB- Sports Dual Density Orthotics - 2/3 Length

The ICB Dual Density Orthotic provides rear foot and arch control made from a higher density EVA, combined with the comfort of a softer mid density EVA. The result is comfort and control in the gait cycle from heel strike, midstance to toe off.

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