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Podopro Tubegauze Applicator - large

Secondhand TA02 Tubegauze Applicator for large toes.

DLT Forcep

Choose from 2 sizes: 14cm and 13cm Forcep.

DLT Towel Forcep 13cm

Towel Forcep 13

DLT Towel Forcep 18cm

Towel Forcep 18cm

Podopro Forefoot Relief Pad Covered

Anti-microbial top cover absorbs odour & prevents bacterial growth. One Size. Priced per pair. Cushions the balls of the foot to help prevent aches and pains. Covered - designed with shock absorbing pattern which acts as non slip.

Premium Probe - Swan Neck Scoop

Stainless steel scoop swan neck probe with ergonomic design to achieve maximum performance. Includes an engraved grip to gain full control.

Silipos Gel Metatarsal Pad with Toe Spreader- UK 2-5

1 in stock. Anatomically designed for comfort and protection of the ball of the foot. Helps reduce pain and burning sensations under the metatarsal heads. Ideal for fat pad atrophy, metatarsalgia and Morton's Neuroma. One size.

Dr.'s REMEDY Wisdom White

WHILE STOCKS LAST! PEARL A pearly, high-gloss hue. Sleek, sophisticated and super-versatile, it has the wearability of a nude—with the impact of a big bold colour. Wear it alone for an icy veil of cool white colour or go tips-only to dress up a French manicure.

Dr.'s REMEDY Wonderful Wine

WHILE STOCKS LAST! CREME - A rich wine with a glossy creme finish.

Dr.'s REMEDY Purity Pink

WHILE STOCKS LAST! SHEER - A barely there sheer pink with a hint of peach.

Dr.'s REMEDY Tender Terracotta

WHILE STOCKS LAST! CREME - An earthy, clay coloured shade with hints of orange brown. Every bottle is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates—all potential carcinogens.

Dr.'s REMEDY Glee Gold

WHILE STOCKS LAST! SHIMMER - Rich, shimmery and luxurious.

Silipos Gel-E-Roll Gel Sheet

6 in stock. One sheet - 10cm x 120cm. The Gel-E Roll is an elastic bandage completely coated on one side with a thin layer of medical grade mineral oil gel.

DLT 12 Hole Bur Stand

Bur Holder with 12 holes.

Silipos Full Length Gel Insole

Dual density silicone gel insole absorbs shock under high pressure areas while supporting the rest of the foot and relieves heel, arch and forefoot pain.

Epitact Systemic Insoles

Systemic insoles incorporate the Aeroshoes Insole as the base support and Epithelium 26 in the plantar area. With the added Physio Shock on the heel area lessening the burden on the spine, the three materials combined act systematically for maximum comfort. Can be washed daily. Priced per pair.

Epitact PhysioDynamic Insoles

Full-length insole provides excellent shock absorption in the heel and forefoot for joint & muscle pains, tendonitis, periostitis.

Epitact Plantar Pains & Calluses Relief Aeroshoes Insoles

To prevent and alleviate pain under the ball of the foot. Relief for thin or hard foot soles due to age, calluses etc.

DLT Transportation Box (2nd hand)

W: 300mm x H: 220mm x D: 400mm. Old boxes will have marks and scratches. No returns! For transporting domicilliary instruments. Use one box for clean and one for dirty instruments. UN approved to UN3291 for hazardous goods transportation.

Silipos Soft Shear Gel Sheeting

Soft shear gel sheeting is a thick sheet of silipos polymer gel available either lined both sides with fabric or just one side and is excellent pressure and shear relieving properties.

Swann-Morton S/Steel Handle No9 Pack 10

Pack 10. Second hand, no packaging. Stainless steel scalpel handle,Shape No 9 manufactured by Swann Morton to fit their range of scalpel blades.

Silipos Wonderflex

Wonderflex can come lined or unlined with soft durometer cushioning for top cover of orthotics which is ideal for diabetic, arthritic and the insensitive foot.

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