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DLT Podiatry Tweezer

Stainless Steel Autoclavable Tweezer. 15cm.

DLT Podiatry Blunt Forceps

13cm. Blunt Forceps.

clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes (100)

Special offer only £1.95 - expires 04/2022. EFFECTIVE AGAINST CORONAVIRUS IN 2 MINUTES. Convenient counter-top box of 100 individually-wrapped hand disinfectant wipes.

DLT Podiatry Easifit Peak 40 & 70

Peak 40 & 70 is a range of economical fully adaptable insoles. Slim-line in design, this EVA constructed chairside orthotic insole is supportive to the medial arch. The flat forefoot accepts modifications and also has a deep cupped heel. Available in two options:

COURTIN Hygienic Gel 500ml

CLEARANCE OFFER - Was £9.50, now only £2.95 Courtin Hygienic Gel 4.0%, pure Tea Tree oil 35%, Alcohol Denat. To clean the skin before a pedicure. Before waxing; removes oil from the skin.

Silipos Gel Toe Crest

Medical grade silicone absorbs shock, vibration and provides even pressure distribution and also helps reduce pressure and pain caused by hammer, claw and mallet toes.

COURTIN Chapped Skin Cream

CLEARANCE OFFER - 500ml was £19.95, now only £4.95 0.5% pure Tea Tree oil. A good daily cream for Chapped Skin softens heavily calloused hands/feet. Also prevents cracked feet and promotes healing. Provides optimal hydration of the skin.

Lock Laces no tie shoelaces

More colors available

Never Tie Your Shoes Again™ Lock Laces®, the original, patented elastic no tie shoelaces. Our patented double-eyelet lock device makes it easy to make adjustments and holds your laces in place better than any other system on the market. RRP:£6.99. One Size.

DLT Podiatry Shortez Plain Shell Shore 70 3/4 length (uncovered)

Quick and easy to use, prescribed in minutes.

Silipos Antibacterial Corn Pads

Pack of 6. CLEARANCE OFFER - was £7.85, now only £4.95

Prestige Instrument Bucket Lid ONLY !

For Older version of instrument bucket - Lid only! 20.5cm wide.

body glide Relief 22g

1 Pack. Muscle pain relief balm. Ultra strong, temporary relief before and after activity for muscle and joint pain caused by over-exertion. Recommended for simple backache, strains, bruises, arthritis and more. For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with over-exertion, strains, bruises, cramps, simple backache, arthritis. RRP: £9.99

Healthy Step Foot Pump Socks

Special Offer - was £7.95, now only £5.95 These Compression Socks offer optimum venous foot pump function (moving blood away from the feet and lower limbs back to the heart) using an innovative combination of compression and toe pockets that support your foot’s natural function.

Taping Loops for Hallux valgus and hammer toes

More colors available

WAS £9.95, NOW ONLY £6.95! Taping loops are worn under the socks and almost all shoes to correct Hallux valgus. Wear for one hour to begin with and increase to 8 hours as it takes time for the joint structures to get used to the loop.

Healthy Step 9 to 5 Insoles

Clearance offer - was £9.95, now only £6.95 9-to-5 insoles are designed to reduce foot fatigue and enhance the natural function of the foot, all day and every day at work or at play.

DLT Podiatry Transportation Box (2nd hand)

W: 300mm x H: 220mm x D: 400mm. Old boxes will have marks and scratches. No returns! For transporting domicilliary instruments. Use one box for clean and one for dirty instruments. UN approved to UN3291 for hazardous goods transportation.

Silipos Antibacterial Digital Pads (6)

Clearance offer - was £12.75, now only £7.95 Pack of 6. Protects toes and fingers from friction and abrasion.

DLT Podiatry Francis Elevator

Stainless steel Francis Elevator.

Silipos Wondercup

Clearance offer - was £12.00, now only £9.45 The Wondercup's red dot aids heel pains, knee and back pain and provides maximum comfort and pain relief.

Silipos Wonderspur

Clearance offer - was £12.95, now only £9.95 The Wonderspur's blue dot aids calcaneal spurs, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee and back pain and provides maximum comfort and pain relief.

DLT Podiatry Superior Poron Shell Base

• Semi rigid 3/4 plastic shell • Skidproof base • 3mm poron full length top cover

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