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COURTIN Body Milk 200ml

This moisturising body milk softens the skin. To prevent dehydration in every type of skin. Apply the body milk daily after cleansing, massaging in lightly.

COURTIN Hand & Foot Cream

Sizes: 100ml, 200ml & 500ml. 5.0% pure Tea Tree oil. For corns. For the treatment of chilblains/athlete's foot, sweaty feet/fungus, dry and rough feet and cracks. And general foot care.

COURTIN Rub-Off Exfoliator

In sizes: 50ml & 200ml. 1.0% pure Tea Tree Oil. To enzymatically remove the dead skin cells without exfoliating grains. Courtin Rub-off Exfoliator will increase the effectiveness of your other foot care products (such as creams, masks and pure oil etc.) ■ To optimally cleanse the feet. ■ For sensitive skin with little callousing.

COURTIN Chapped Skin Cream

Sizes: 100ml, 200ml & 500ml. 0.5% pure Tea Tree oil. A good daily cream for Chapped Skin softens heavily calloused hands/feet. Also prevents cracked feet and promotes healing. Provides optimal hydration of the skin.

COURTIN Hygienic Gel 500ml

Courtin Hygienic Gel 4.0%, pure Tea Tree oil 35%, Alcohol Denat. To clean the skin before a pedicure. Before waxing; removes oil from the skin.

COURTIN Bowl & Spatula

Plastic bowl and spatular used for mixing and applying the Spa Foot Mask and the Spa Self heating Foot Mask. 17cm wide , 11cm high.

 Why Courtin?

  • A skincare line based on 100% pure Tea Tree oil
  • Excellent treatment for many skin problems
  • Compact and complete series of products
Courtin has developed a special total skin care and foot care line containing Original Australian Tea Tree
oil. The Courtin Tea Tree range includes a wide variety of salon and direct sale products.
The Courtin Tea Tree products are extremely successful in combating a wide range of skin
conditions. It may seem like an exaggeration to say that this product is so successful in treating so
many different conditions, but scientific research and practical experience have proven the beneficial
effects of using Tea Tree products.

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