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Podopro All Gel Pad with Toe Loop

Silicone gel pads for Plantar area. The Gel Metatarsal Pad is a soft, silicone gel cushion that helps to reduce pressure on the forefoot while providing maximum comfort. The reinforced toe loop helps to ensure proper fit. This product is washable and reusable. Sold as a pair, One Size.

Silipos Body Discs

Multi purpose body discs of Silipos polymer gel that provide comfort and ideal for relieving the pain of pressure and friction. Pack of 2.

Silipos Gel Dots

A self-adhesive backing allows an individual dot to be adhered to most materials and is very effective in reducing abrasions, friction and pressure points in a splint.

Silipos Gel Squares

Gel Squares are squares of polymer gel that are a versatile solution to problems caused by pressure and friction. The mineral oil in the gel is used to moisturise dry skin to provide protection and comfort.

Silipos Pressure Relief Padding

Pressure relief padding is ideal for the relief of pressure and friction and can be applied to splinting materials or used to line braces, prosthetics, orthotics and sports related padding.

Silipos Wonderflex

Wonderflex can come lined or unlined with soft durometer cushioning for top cover of orthotics which is ideal for diabetic, arthritic and the insensitive foot.

Silipos and Podopro have long recognised the need for practitioners to use their creative skills to solve problems. With our range of polymer gel sheeting in different thicknesses and types it is possible to give protection and scar management to almost any area of the body, allowing our polymer to be incorporated into your custom made devices or providing you with a material to reduce pressure.

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