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Podopro Gel Sleeves


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Podopro Bunion Care Gel Sleeve

Comfortable sleeve cushions, pads & protects and anatomically designed gel pad conforms to the shape of the bunion which also relieves friction and pressure. Pack of 1.

Podopro Gel Heel Sleeve

Gel Heel sleeve for protection of the heel area. Sold in packs of 1.

Podopro Achilles Heel Pad

Achiles geel pad for protection of inflamed areas, heel bumps, friction. Sold in large or small, in packs of 1.

Podopro Malleolar Protection Pad

Sleeve with 2 large disks of polymer gel for medial and lateral malleolar protection. Sold in packs of 1.

Podopro Universal Gel Strap

Surgical grade elastic sleeve with a gel pad that covers all five metatarsal heads and serves as a soft tissue supplement to fat pad atrophy. Available as covered gel or ucovered gel, pack of 1.

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