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Podopro Corn Rings Oval

Supplied in packs of 144. please select thickness and material required.

Podopro Corn Cresent

Supplied in packs of 144. please select thickness and material required.

Podopro Winged Corn

Supplied in packs of 144. please select thickness and material required.

Podopro St Georges Cross

St Georges Cross band aid that is comfortable to wear.Supplied in packs of 144. please select thickness and material required.

Podopro Bunion Round Solid

Bunion round solid for extra coverage and comfortable to wear.Supplied in packs of 50. please select thickness and material required.

Podopro Tubular Foam

Economical tubular foam padding, pack size 12 x 25cm tubes. PLEASE NOTE Size 6X is sold in packs of 6.

Podopro Tubegauze Applicators

Tubegauze applicators in a variety of different sizes and textures.

Podopro Autoclave Sterilisation Pouches

Self seal sterilisation pouches, pack of 200. Easy to use just place the item in the pouch and seal by hand. 

Podopro Digital Caps Knit

Protects toes from friction and footwear pressure. Can be cut to size. Pack of 6.

Podopro Gel Tubes

Fully lined with polymer gel with all-round digital protection and can help to reduce scar tissue which can increase personal comfort. 15cm length.

Podopro Digital Pads

The digital pad protects toes and fingers from friction and toes from footwear pressure and irradicates any discomfort corns and calluses may cause. Sold in packs of 12.

Podopro Toe Spreaders

Toe spreaders are thicker than the separators and because the polymers soft conforming properties, these spreaders are extremely comfortable. Sold in packs of 4.

Podopro Skin Disinfectant 500ml Refill

A Chlorhexidine skin preparation for rapid disinfection, providing reassuring protection for personal skin hygiene. Requires pump head for bottle (PODOTOP).

Podopro Universal Gel Strap

Surgical grade elastic sleeve with a gel pad that covers all five metatarsal heads and serves as a soft tissue supplement to fat pad atrophy. Available as covered gel or ucovered gel, pack of 1.

Podopro Blue Dot Heel Cup

Anatomically designed heel spur cavity which is used to treat heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and knee & back pain.

Podopro Full Length Gel Insole (pair)

Use – corrective product for relieving heel pain & improving stability while redistributing pressure away from common stress points. Priced per pair.

Podopro ABRASIVE CAPS 10mm

Pack of 10. 10mm disposable burs maximum speed 20,000rpm. Please select grit required - Medium or Rough. Requires Mandrel 10mm, Code AB10MAN.


Pack of 10. 5mm disposable burs maximum speed 41,000 rpm. Please select grit required -Smooth Medium or Rough. Requires Mandrel 5mm, Code AB5MAN.


Pack of 10. 7mm disposable burs maximum speed 30,000rpm. Requires Mandrel 7mm, Code AB7MAN.

Podopro ABRASIVE CAPS 13mm

Pack of 10. 13mm disposable burs maximum speed 16,000rpm. Please select grit required - Medium or Rough. Requires Mandrel 13mm, Code AB13MAN.

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