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Qualicare Sterile Spot Plasters

Spot Plasters - Sterile Plasters - Washproof Plasters Size 2.2cm Round Quantity: 100

clinell Universal Wipes

Wipes for surface disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices. Skin friendly, proven to kill 99.999% of germs including MRSA, Acinetobacter,VRE, TB, Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C and more.

Ebiox Trionic D Wipes Qty 125

The Pack contains 125 bactericidal, virucidal, fungicial and tuberculocidal wipes utilising a non-alcohol based solution for the cleaning of medical devices & equipment.

Cuxson Gerrard Hapla Wave Muscle & Joint Care Tape

More colors available

5cm x 5cm Roll. Comes in a 5 metre long roll which is roughly 2 inches wide. Premium muscle and joint support tape. The principal of Hapla Wave is to offer support and stability to muscles and joints without limiting their range of motion. The tape is applied in strips to effectively cover problem areas. Available in colours Blue and Black.

Excilor Protector Spray 3 in 1 (100ml)

RRP:£9.99. Offers 8 hours of invisible, water resistant protection against warts, verrucas and athlete's foot and nail fungus. The spray is ideal to protect children from 2+ years in barefoot activities in common places (locker rooms, pool & gym). Contains 50 applications. Dries Instantly.

Flexitol Express Corn Remover Pen

Highly effective and fast acting. One Step Treatment For Corns. 12% Salicylic Acid. Double the strength of the current market leader. With Precision application. No scraping & no plaster required. Reusable - up to 40 applications. RRP:£9.99 (2ml) Not suitable for diabetics.

Flexitol Moisturising Foot Foam 125ml

New, Innovative foam format. Feel improvement in 1 day! Provides intensive care for very dry, rough skin. Quickly absorbed, easy to use, no mess and non greasy. Intensive moisturisation for up to 12 hours. Suitable for diabetics. . RRP: £8.99

Pediroller Kit & Soothing Foot Gel

The PediRoller address problems of heel and arch pain such as plantar fasciitis. used as an exercise aid, the PediRoller can maintain healthy feet.

Leukotape Remover /Plaster Remover 350ml (11.8fl.oz)

Leukotape Remover - Solution for removal of adhesive tapes and plasters. It also prevents any adhesive residue which may be left on the skin. The remover is applied to soak the taping and breakdown the adhesive allowing easy removal from the skin.

eks Solingen Instrument Care - Cleaning Kit

Medical product according to 93/42/EEC for surgical instruments as well easy to use for all other fine surfaces.

Podopro Bur Stand 17 Holes

Autoclavable Instrument holder for Instruments with 2,35mm shaft. 7.2 cm W x 5.3cm H x 2.7cm D. Stainless Steel.

Flexitol 10% Urea Cream 500g (with Pump)

For rough, dry and anhydrotic skin. 500g (17.6 oz). Contains 10% Urea in a synergistic blend of emollients and skin conditioning agents to provide optimum hydration for all (external) body parts. CONTAINS LANOLIN. Suitable for diabetics.

Flexitol Heel Balm 25% Urea 500g Tub

Flexitol Heel Balm contains 25% urea (chemically synthesised), a specially formulated base to maximise its efficiency. The combination of moisturising, hydrating, emollient and occlusive properties make Flexitol Heel Balm highly effective. Suitable for diabetics.

DLT NR Particulate Mask (20)

20 respirators per box. Adjustable headstrap. Exhalation valve reduces hot air build-up and further enhances breathability. Soft polypropylene inner layer. Pre-shaped nose cushion.

DLT Clinical Waste Bags 28 x 39 Roll (200)

Clinical Waste Bags 29 x 39 (711 X 990MM) Roll (200)

DLT Flexible Foot Tray

More colors available

A hygienic solution for collecting debris. Easy to use the tray is made from silicone, which makes them flexible, rollable and unbreakable. The material always feels warm which makes it comfortable for your customers. Choose from 5 colours.

DLT Bodyblock

A practical and hygienic multidisciplinary, multipurpose support block that ends awkward ways to access heels and other parts of the feet. Soft and comfortable. Its versatility is on account of different heights on each of its 4 sides creating different elevations. Simply flip it for a different height.

Podopro Water Distiller DT30A STAINLESS STEEL

Distillers remove up to 99% of most substances from the water. Enjoys the benefits of having your own supply of pure distilled water quickly and easily without the cost.

PodoTronic Opus Premium

The new device with fully brushless motor technology and new LED lighting technology on the handpiece! The Premium has a brushless motor in the handpiece but also a brushless suction turbine in the control unit. This drill is maintenance-free!

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