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Epitact Heel Lifts With Physio Shock

Physio Shock Heel Lifts are specially designed to relieve heel pain, joint pain, knee pain and back pain caused by shock waves which are generated every time you take a step. Also alleviate pain caused by Heel Spurs, Calcaneal Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. Men(Large), Women(Small).

Epitact Physiodynamic Insoles

Full-length insole provides excellent shock absorption in the heel and forefoot. Prevents and alleviates fatigue and muscle pain, joint pain (knee, hip, back) and tendonitis. Minimises degradation of joints caused by walking and running. Does not block arch action providing better movement and less fatigue.

A selection of insoles, supports and appliances to help support the foot from any intense pain inflicted by pressure or friction. Also helps irradicate pain in the long run by cushioning the damaged areas

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