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DLT Toe Prop - Fixed

Chamois covered latex foam with an elastic net loop. Designed to support curly or retracted toes and help relieve pressure and pain.

DLT Toe Prop - Adjustable

Chamois covered toe props with Metluxe adjustable loops to provide comfort and support to your toes. Also irradiates pains and any pressure pains.

DLT Shoe Horn

17" strong, smooth plastic shoe horn to manoeuvre the foot into boots or shoes. Black only.

DLT Poron Toe Regulator

This is two products in one - a toe trainer and regulator for one or two toes and an extremely effective forefoot cushion.

DLT Metatarsal 1/2 Insole

A leather 1/2 insole with an in-built metatarsal support that gently lifts the metatarsal arch to relieve ball of foot tenderness.

A selection of insoles, supports and appliances to help support the foot from any intense pain inflicted by pressure or friction. Also helps irradicate pain in the long run by cushioning the damaged areas

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