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Epitact Cream For Dry Feet

Foot cream for Dry and Damaged feet by Epitact is a unique formula, 100% natural, which treats dry feet that show signs of cracks, callosites, lesions etc. The foot cream will help soothe tired and painful feet. With each application of the Epitact foot cream you deposit a self-moisturising polysaccharide film on your skin which helps prevent the skin from drying out. The vegetable glycerin component which makes up 20% of the foot cream has very effective water retention properties.

Epitact Cream For Cracked Heels ( 1 IN STOCK)

Cracked Heel Cream by Epitact is 100% natural and is ideal for dry, cracked heels. The foot cream moisturises and repairs the dry and damaged skin. As our skin ages, it dries out. As less water irrigates the skin's surface and the epidermis dries out, the skin becomes cracked and damaged and often painful. The Epitact Cracked Heel Cream has hygroscopic compounds (glycerin, polysaccharide etc.) which retains water and helps to hydrate the skin and repair it.

Epitact answers to the care, comfort and well being of the foot.


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