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Epitact Digitubes

Digitubes by Epitact - ideal for relieving pressure and preventing the formation of corns, blisters caused by over-heating.

Epitact Digitops

Digitop by Epitact with epithelium 26 helps relieve pain and pressure on the toes and limits the development of hard corns. It is very thin so it won't take up much room in the shoe.

Epitact Patch For Blisters

Anti-blister protection contains Epithelium Activa, it protects skin from friction, a source of overheating and blisters. Washable and re-usable - average usage 5 days. Suitable for diabetics. Pack of 2. Can be cut to size.

Epitact Shin Protector

The Epithelium Gel dressing can be used to redistribute weight and prevent excess rubbing and pressure on the sensitive tibial area.

Epitact Epithelium Gel Sheet

A silicone self-adhesive gel dressing used to protect against rubbing and pressure on sensitive areas. Ideal for redistributing pressure. Contains no glue as the gel formulation itself is adhesive.

Epitact Patch For Hallux Valgus (2)

Patch for Hallux Valgus with Epithelium activ gel provides protection to the sensitive Bunion area by preventing friction. Ideal for Bunion pain relief. The newly designed silicon gel material has similar mechanical properties to some natural human tissues.

Epitact Patch For Callus

Epitact patch for calluses made with Epithelium 26 alleviates pressure from the painful callus area for pain relief. It provides an effective cushion which provides comfort and pain and pressure relief on the sensitive area.

Epitact Cream For Dry Feet

Foot cream for Dry and Damaged feet by Epitact is a unique formula, 100% natural, which treats dry feet that show signs of cracks, callosites, lesions etc. The foot cream will help soothe tired and painful feet.

Epitact Cream For Cracked Heels ( 4 IN STOCK)

Cracked Heel Cream by Epitact is 100% natural and is ideal for dry, cracked heels. The foot cream moisturises and repairs the dry and damaged skin.

Epitact TOE SPREADERS with EpitheliumTM

Limits deviation of the big toe by improving its alignment. Prevents overlapping of the first toe onto the second toe, thereby decreasing pressure and rubbing. Available in 1 size - set of 4.

Epitact TOE SEPARATORS with EpitheliumTM (4)

These toe seperators, made from Epithelium Gel which has pressure-distributing qualities, spread the toe apart by a few millimetres to provide relief from excessive pressure and friction. Small Set of 6 – Large Set of 4.

Epitact Patch For Warts

These Epithelium patches distribute pressure exerted on the wart and on the surrounding area. The occlusivity of the silicone gel helps to make the wart disappear.

Epitact Protection for Hallux Valgus

Bunion Protection Pad (protection for Hallux Valgus) provides excellent protection to the sensitive bunion area. The gel pad alleviates pressure and friction on the bunion.

Epitact Heel Lifts With Physio Shock

Physio Shock Heel Lifts are specially designed to relieve heel pain, joint pain, knee pain and back pain caused by shock waves which are generated every time you take a step. Also alleviate pain caused by Heel Spurs, Calcaneal Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. Men(Large), Women(Small).

Epitact Discreet Plantar Cushions

Prevent and relieve pain in the front of the foot: thin or hard sole due to ageing, burning, calluses, etc. Discreet and very thin, they are specially designed to fit in all of your open or heeled shoes. Invisible, they are effectively kept in the shoe by adhesive.

Epitact Toe Tip Protecton For Hammer Toes

When the Epithelium 26 Toe Tip Protector is placed on top of the toes, it distributes pressure and limits the formation of painful corns on the tops of toes. Priced per pair.

Epitact Hammer Toe Cushion

Hammer Toe Cushions by Epitact allow the toes to stretch comfortably and they prevent the formation of soft and dorsal corns. Their shape means they adapt perfectly to the space located under the toes.

Epitact Anti Cracked Heels

Relieves pain caused by pressure and friction on damaged, cracked and painful heels. The Epithelium gel redistributes pressures on the sensitive heel area and provides continuous moisturisation, improving appearance in only 3 weeks. Washable and re-usable. One size. Sold in Pairs.

Epitact Plantar Cushion

This is an excellent product which alleviates plantar pains caused by pressure under the ball of the foot and calluses.

Epitact Corrective Orthosis

The patented Epithelium Flex allows the strightening up of the big toe. Measurement across the metatarsal head: Small=21.5cm, Medium=23cm , Large=24.5cm.

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