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Podopro Reject Padding & Urethane Adhesive (Single Sheets) 75% USABLE

60% USABLE. Sheets may contain slight creasing or flaws to the material and in the adhesive backing. NO RETURNS

Podopro Tubegauze Applicator - Size 01

Secondhand TA02 Tubegauze Applicator Size 01 for large toes.

Silipos Toe Spreaders

Toe spreaders are thicker than the separators and because the polymers soft conforming properties, these spreaders are extremely comfortable. Available in pack of 4.

Body Essentials Warm That Sole 30ml

100% natural chilblain treatment. • Paraben and SLS free. • Safe for children and diabetics.An antiseptic and soothing blend of Marjoram, Ginger, Lemon and Geranium which helps to relieve chilblains and chilled feet.

Body Essentials Ditch That Itch Atomiser 30ml

100% natural athletes foot treatment. with Lemongrass, Lavender and Patchouli Essential Oils. This oil can be useful to relieve symptoms such as dryness, itching and redness associated with some skin conditions.

Body Essentials Banish That Blotch Atomiser 30ml

100% natural verrucae treatment. • Paraben and SLS free. • Safe for children and diabetics. A mix of lavender, peppermint, marjoram and tea tree which is pain relieving and helps the body clear verrucae.

Silipos Toe Separators

Anatomically molded to fit comfortably between toes reducing shearing and inter-digital pressure and can be trimmed is required. Available in pack of 15 and 50.

Silipos Gel Tubing - Ribbed (Toes)

Fully lined with Silipos polymer gel with all-round digital protection. Can help to reduce scar tissue which can increase personal comfort. Available in Ribbed: Narrow 2cm x 15cm 2 per pack, Wide 2.5cm x 15cm 2 per pack. And Mesh: 2cm x 15cm 3 per pack.

DLT 12 Hole Bur Stand

Bur Holder with 12 holes.

Silipos Gel-E-Roll Gel Sheet

One sheet - 10cm x 120cm.

Silipos Heel Spur with Removable Plug

Relief for heel, ankle, knee and back. Soft silicone heel cushion with removable plug. Wear with plug as comfortable heel pad, or wear without plug for heel relief and protection around the heel spur.

Silipos Full Length Gel Insole

Dual density silicone gel insole absorbs shock under high pressure areas while supporting the rest of the foot and relieves heel, arch and forefoot pain.

Silipos Soft Shear Gel Sheeting

Soft shear gel sheeting is a thick sheet of silipos polymer gel available either lined both sides with fabric or just one side and is excellent pressure and shear relieving properties.

Silipos Wondersport

The wondersport cushions both heel, arch & metatarsal and is ideal for sporting activities becaise it gives that extra support and compfort the foot needs.

Swann-Morton S/Steel Handle No3 graduated Pack 10

PACK OF 10. Perfect for nursing homes. Second hand, no packaging. Stainless steel scalpel handle,Shape No 3 with graduated measuring marks manufactured by Swann Morton to fit their range of scalpel blades.

Silipos Digital Pad

The digital pad protects toes and fingers from friction and toes from footwear pressure and irradicates any discomfort corns and calluses may cause.

Podopro Blacks File - Fine Pack 10 -

PACK of 10. Secondhand, no packaging. Stainless steel fine blacks file with rounded handle and ergonomic design to achieve maximum performance. Includes an engraved grip to gain full control.

Silipos Wonderflex

Wonderflex can come lined or unlined with soft durometer cushioning for top cover of orthotics which is ideal for diabetic, arthritic and the insensitive foot.

Podopro Water Distiller DT30A STAINLESS STEEL

Distillers remove up to 99% of most substances from the water. Enjoys the benefits of having your own supply of pure distilled water quickly and easily without the cost.

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